Frigid Hotels is looking for developers {CLOSED}

About the Job

Welcome to Frigid Hotel! I am the Head Developer of Frigid and we are looking for low-poly terrain designers, advanced scripters and UI Designers.
We have a very high price range so we recommend you apply as soon as possible.
Below you can find the job details.

The Team
We are looking for permament developers.
@username - Terrain designer
@username - Scripter
@Unavailable - UI Designer

Job for the terrain designer

We require you to deisng a low-poly terrain design. Like the example below. This will be a big map so if you are not ready for a big job, then DO NOT APPLY

The scripter's job
UI Designers

Same as the scripter, you will be provided with the task on Discord, such as a starting menu, etc.

We need a very advanced scripter, we will give you a selected amount of tasks that will be provided for you, such as working on a ski lift, etc.


Or minimum price range is 5 thousand robux.
We are paying in either R$ or USD. You will then get a percentage of the revenue but the amount is still being decided.

Contact us

Make sure you contact us on discord, either bigboy123#4854 or Wxuws#3853. (the owner)

We will then put you in a group chat and provide your portfolio, thank you. :slight_smile:

Hello. You don’t have scribe text.


I’m interested. But may I ask, what will the UI Designer create?
I’ve added you on discord. (blank#2358)

Estou interessado! Posso ajudar com UI!

I’m intrested I added bigboy123#4854
my name is warnickur#0788

Hello! I’m FriendlyBuilder24 and I would like to apply for the Scripter position in Frigid Hotels. I have a portfolio and here it is this link here! Hope you can accept me into your team and have a great day, thank you for your time.

Oh and also my discord is FriendlyBuilder24#9768

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