Further Changes to Playing Ability of Experimental Mode Games


This game is what kept me on Roblox for a couple years.



Not all games will work if you just “force the switch” on them. If they were made without FE in mind they won’t work with it.

On a separate note, now that we don’t have to worry about backwards compatibility as much if at all, will we finally see changes to the API such as removal of deprecated items only those old games used?



It totally screws up things for those of us who are recreating the old games with fe. I don’t want to go back and spend 3 months fixing the older games to work with fe while working on the new game like seriously. Let 13+ users play the game or even 18+ this is causing a lot of harm and backlash for developers even though the reason behind it is good.



Practically everyone fakes their age on almost every internet platform.



Well, it’s quite funny because they are absolutely useless now. I’d rather see them broken even further than never see them or be able to play them again.



And that is their choice to play the game then.



And that’s not gonna fly with parents, because if they don’t know any better they’ll just jump on the “ROBLOX IS BAD!!” bandwagon and blame it on Roblox.



you could do anything and that 1 parent will still complain. Roblox literally could put Hello every-time you login and someone will come in complaining saying it is racist or sexist or some other thing.



That’s not the point, most of these news articles you see are children who have willingly entered ‘sex places’ that they have come across. Of course they’re not going to tell their parents that, they’ll say someone’s exploiting or something.

On top of the fact that as far as I can tell no parent takes any interest in what their child is doing online, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s the child’s choice to play the game, parents will always blame Roblox.



It may have taken away our old dated games, but it increases the safety of the community as a whole, and that’s what really matters imo.



The fix to this is teleporting to all of them. After that they’ll be unflagged. I created a post here.

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Ok fe game people still exploit lets just remove fe games as well since parents will still blame roblox. Either way you just can’t win Roblox will get blamed for anything that happens inside Roblox.



I DID teleport to all of them, multiple times in fact.

I tried everything to no avail

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I’m rather concerned about all the building showcases that will go inactive cause of this.



Well, since the Version 1 of my game (Which doesn’t have Filtering Enabled) is now not playable anymore, people are asking for refunds.



Not going to deny however that this is needed due to said reasons but the way they did it kinda pisses me off.



What would you rather? One parent complaining about a blatantly un-sexist notice or multiple news articles on multinational news organisations claiming that Roblox allows children as young as 6 to have ‘gang bangs’ (to quote the BBC) and other non PG things.

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Email dev relations.

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both because both are going to happen regardless of what you do. Phantom forces has blood that you can turn off people say its the cause of school shootings. Jailbreak you break into things people blame roblox saying that is the cause of kids doing crimes.



Not sure you understand how FilteringEnabled works, here’s a video (there are some small mistakes but overall it’s correct)