Further Respawn Improvements

This has been really needed, thank you so much for it.

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We have released the fix to this issue.

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Time to say goodbye to the good ol betsy of a fake roof inside a box so players wouldn’t escape for tight hallways, and well, this was one of the main actors in why there is barely any hallway games

time to make a huge hallway

Thanks Roblox! :tada:


Can confirm the issue is no longer happening in any case where it was previously. :+1:

While this is not about spawning over the ceiling, I’ve have encountered a related problem where you can’t spawn below -400 y. If it happens that you have a spawnLocation below that, it will just spawn you at -400 y which you would then fall until you reach the ground.

Aren’t parts automatically destroyed after Y-500?

Yea, this is the default value but you can change it.

Have you done so?

Yes, that was already done. The problem isn’t there.

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