Future Is Bright Can't Load Unions

I wasn’t sure where this belong as I can’t see any feedback section related to FiB. I didn’t think it belonged in the union thread because the focus of the issue seems to be FiB.

Roblox Studio

FiB Studio

The unions don’t carry over. Sorry if this is a known issue but I couldn’t find it.
I tried testing to see if it was that specific union that was having issues but it seems to be the same for any union in my place.

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Please see: Please Read Before Posting: Steps to Report a Bug

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This is v15, right? We’ve shipped a new CSG format that doesn’t exist in v15. We really need to release v16, I’ll see what we can do and when.


Yeah I’m not entirely sure what information it’s missing.

Does this not count as a bug since FIB is not a final studio build?

I guess it could count as a bug as if the Roblox team weren’t aware of it, itcould make it further into the FIB development or into final.