Future is Bright Phase 3 Released

From what I’ve tested if they change their in-game graphics setting it changes the range of future lighting. The lowest setting I think disables it almost entirely


Is auto-exposure still in the works or did it get cancelled for some reason?


It seems like I can’t get FIB3 to look good in most outdoor lighting scenarios, and when it does look good, it’s mostly in very dark-lit scenes, like horror games.

It feels like lighting for Future is a completely different language/skillset than lighting for ShadowMap.

Seems like a lot of games simply might not work visually with Future on, just because of how dark/contrasty it seems to make everything. In addition, you really have to create your lighting setting up around the Future lighting mode, and place lights a bit inwards to surfaces with “Shadows” enabled.

That being said, I’d love to be proven wrong… it seems like Future is a lot of work to get right though.


Thanks. Now I can start playing with lighting and materials more.

My car in my game (includes carbon fiber)


My only issue with this is that there’s multiple performance issues.


Already a massive fan of the work I’ve seen so far on FiB phase 3, and it’s absolutely brought the looks of my work to a whole new level. Whereas previously it was nearly impossible to make something look better in Roblox than on other platforms, the advances in indoor lighting brought on by this new lighting engines absolutely changed that.

However, given the massive increases in graphical fidelity brought about by the new lighting engine, the new volumetric clouds and atmospheric effects (Dynamic Skies Are Getting Cloudy) and the introduction of SurfaceAppearance (SurfaceAppearance Studio Beta), I have to wonder - what’s next for Roblox’s lighting? There are still many aspects of Roblox’s rendering that fall behind other game engines, such as the lack of support for Screen-Space reflections, more involved user specific graphics controls (such as changing lighting engines between different avalible options given by a developer), baked lighting maps such as bump maps, displacement and emission support, and instances such as particles often fail to meet the same level of detail as that of other platforms such as unity. Overall, Roblox is nearing other platforms, yet it still has a ways to go before it surpasses them easily in most situations.

All being said, however, a massive shout-out to all of you who worked on FiB Phase 3 - it’s a massive leap forward in the right direction, and we all can’t wait to see what you cook up for us to work with next!


I’m really excited to get my new games out now!

I still need to modify the position of the lights as they are not connected to the lights itself but are connected to an attachment


Really, most performance issues can be avoided by investing more time into the design of the world. Roblox has introduced new properties like CastShadow in order for us to be able to turn off shadow rendering when unnecessary and speed up gameplay. This is what triple A’s do, and Roblox has now opened up the door for us to do that too. I think the performance problems ultimately lie in the hands of the developer, short of open world games because Roblox doesn’t have a proper LOD system. It’s really pretty standard for people to fine-tune maps for lighting interaction and whatnot.

After all, if you think Future is too laggy you have 3 other lighting engines you could choose to use for your game.


How mant lights are we looking at here, did you update how lights update per frame ? Is there a new size for it. A break dwon of the distance of light effects and generalized use case performance uses would be great. I appreciate the guideline for angles and which are better, but a break down on stress tests and target light usage and some ideas on what you would suggest for best practice for maximum use of lighting would be fantastic.

–> Look at This value on the profiler if you see it at “x point” your about to cross into danger zone and should consider being a tuch more reserved with lighting use
–> A general stress test
—> X number of X lights configured like Y
----> X number of X lights configured like Y
-> All combined and then maybe some thoughts on how to handle best resource effeciently use lights or configure them if you need as many dynamic lights as you can spare and best practice.

This is a huge black box area that it would be great if we could… wait for it … “Shed some light on” =)


Yesssss, this is what I’ve been waiting for! The technology is realistic, compare to the “lighting on command”


(3rd) (GIF) comparison between shadowmap (left) and future (right)

I don’t even think I did holograms right after all this time.

I’d like to think this would benefit showcase games at the current moment, but with enough time fine-tuning and fixing some common issues - Phase 3 would eventually be at its best in performance and make a lot of games appear more beautiful than ever. Keep it up!


Nice! I reallly Like it. I just want roblox be more realistic

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Finally, a use for my GPU! Very cool roblox, and (in my opionion) a step in the right direction!

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Wooooo! This is going to be a complete game changer! I cant wait to see the realistic flashlights in horror games and hyper realistic builds made with this!

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Will the shadow artifacts get fixed? All you gotta do is make it range 60 with a point light or spot light put the part back a bit with shadows enabled. Somehow surface lights do a better job at this and is sorta visible if the part is close to out of range


It’s live on JAILBREAK! It’s beautiful! Talk about a stress test, we have a ton of light sources going on.

Definitely seeing artifacts on some lights. Could be the 60 range as somebody above mentioned. Otherwise loving this!

Edit: Left a post a few replies below about performance complaints I’m seeing


Wow , this is an awesome update

I’m so glad this update finally released! My game’s been optimized for it for a while now, and I’m so happy everyone can see the game as I intended it to be seen… except, uh, maybe it’s not optimized, because sometimes I get these issues where the shadows just refuse to update, as seen in this picture:

When it works though, it looks stunning! I think my main issue is that I’m casting too many lights.


Trying the update right now in my game, and I’m getting some very strange shadow rendering. Whenever I look at some light sources at certain angles, this happens:


This is amazing, though, this needs some perfomance fixes.