Gain Coins on Click without Remote Event

why would he do it in a local script when a server script works fine for his question? am I just a higher being of intelligence or something why does it feel like everything in this thread is a monkey compared to me???

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way more secure since they wouldn’t be able to spam the event to auto click??? also the script you gave him is STUPID. you do realise an exploiter can just fire the event with 0 clicks per second over and over again and never have the sanity checks on the server fire. WHY IS YOUR POST THE SOLUTION ITS NOT SOLVING ANYTHING IT JUST CAUSES MORE PROBLEMS AND IT DIDNT EVEN ANSWER HIS QUESTION PROPERLY??? AM I LIKE ALBERT EINSTEIN OR SOMETHING OR HAS EVERYONE JUST GOTTEN DUMBER OVER THE YEARS??? ITS COMMON SENSE??? IS IT THAT HARD TO THINK RATIONALLY???

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Because he may have not learnt Remote Events yet.

I also have always relied on LocalScripts for coins and stuff when I wasn’t able to use Remote Events.

The click count doesn’t secure this remote event. An exploiter could fire it with coins at 1 quadrillion and one click and it would still go through without issue. This would almost certainly lead to issues.

If he doesn’t know remote events then why don’t you just suggest him an actual solution that answers his question properly which is just using a server script to script the UI if he doesn’t want to use remote events then he properly knows how to use remote events and just doesn’t want to use them for some reason.


This text will be blurred and idk why

  • Add a Script in ServerScriptService
  • Name that Script leaderstatsScript
  • Paste that code in it.
    local leaderstats ="Folder", plr)
    leaderstats.Name = "leaderstats"
    local coins ="IntValue", leaderstats)
    coins.Name = "Coins"
    coins.Value = 0

This code creates a leaderstats in your game with coins.

Now, add another Script in ServerScriptService, and name it coinsScript
Then paste that code in it.

    local coinsButton = player.PlayerGui:WaitForChild("ScreenGui").CoinsButton
    local coins = player.leaderstats.Coins
    while coinsButton:IsPressed() do
        coins.Value += 1

I didn’t write in the script editor, so it may give you an error. If it did, tell me.