Game completely broken

I made a game where every script works perfectly fine in studio but when i try it in the actual game nothing works. Anyone know why?


that sounds like Filtering Enabled is causing issues

as when you test in studio both the client and the server are the same things,

You can read about it here:


I’m trying that and its not working
I scripted both with filtering enabled on and off, would that have anything to do with it?

You’re going to want to be more specific to get better help


If you’re testing your game in PlaySolo, you need to keep in mind that it acts as both the client and the server, so it might not give the best representation of what your game will actually run like.

When testing your game, it might be better to use the “Start Clients and Server” button thing, as that starts a server and a client on your machine which are separate.


Are you receiving any client or server errors? It would really help to have some context (including the scripts themselves, if you’re okay with showing them) because we can only really diagnose Filtering Enabled incompatibility at the moment.

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When playing the actual game, press F9. That will bring up a developer console and it will display any console/client errors.

It’s really hard to figure out what is going on with the information you provided.

A place link would be a good starter. A description of what you’re trying to do or what the code does would also be useful as well.

If it’s not in client errors as stated by TigerCode. It’s a server error. Possibly more than 1. Then go debugging! Sorry, did you just say the code worked fine in the Studio? Debug it in-game.

If the game is newly FE’d, go and make sure local scripts can work properly for everyone in the server or in a way intended for the game.

I’m sure this is a scripting issue that you tested in solo mode. Next time use the testing with 1-X amount of players. You’ll get a number of Studio windows open, one for the server view, others for the clients themselves.

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Not sure if you’re doing this, but when testing in Studio don’t use Play Solo (F5) use the Test tab and create a single player server (F7)