Game dying, help?

Hello, a game I developed for used to average around 150 players at all times, however now our average is around 20-30.

Things we changed since that time:

  • The map, the old map was a map full of NPC’s that move, but don’t shoot. Was an old roblox map. We made a new map without the NPC’s
  • Added more staff members, gave them admin in game.
  • Made the server member count bigger.
  • Made the map bigger
    -That’s all I can think of that’s been changed.

This is the game:

My question is how do I get the player count back the way it once was?


Overview the games statistics, check for error reports, the day the player drop began, etc. It could be due to a lot of reasons, for me, its back to school starting up again (so I see player drops during EST hours and rises in later the day). But don’t give up, if your game could keep a steady 100, I have no doubt it’s temporary and will come back up again.

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You pray to the algorithm gods

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It’s not always because of the algorithm. Honestly your game seems to have some issues.
I looked at the game and there are a few things you and your team could adress.
First of all, remove the team markers and the teams overall, because you can kill anyone, making the team markers more likely to turn into “legit ESP” (lol). Also, opening up the console uncovers a catasthropical output. Errors everywhere, mainly in a TagScript, you have to check that out.

Why is there a Store button when nothing happens if you click it. Make things like this smoother.

And then the general gameplay. You use this ACS-like weapon system which I suppose is a configurated free model (correct me if I’m wrong). A lot of games are getting uploaded and they are getting better and better, so because in your game nothing is particularly saved, so no progress is lost, people decide to switch to a similar game which they like more.

Add more gameplay aspects, you can’t just make a game and stop working on it.

Roblox is evolving and the popular games with it, so you have to be part of the train and care about your game just like it would be your son.


Learning how roblox marketing system works would help you