Game has -80,000 dislikes (negative 80,000) causing the like/dislike ratio to go to 111,469%

Yeah, not clickbait.

Not sure what to add but this persists on all devices, it shows as 100% when favourited on the home page, however if you go to your favourites on your profile, it goes to over 100k percent liked.

Favourites (profile) vs home page:
Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 12.14.36 AM Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 12.15.16 AM

Link to the game.


Doesn’t this already have a bug report? Just go bump that one.


It also has 80’258 likes for some reason, I can confirm this.

and the creator of this game doesn’t look like it exists.


Didn’t notice. I think it’s something exclusive to each place, maybe a terminated account or something.


They were terminated. My assumption is bots probably, since they were terminated, the likes were probably withdrawn. Don’t know how it got that high with so low visits though, don’t you have to visit to like/dislike?


Heres another game made by the same dev that has the -dislikes.

Edit: Also, the strangest thing I find about the fortnite game is not only the dislikes, but also since technically in total the game has 160k likes/dislikes in all, wouldn’t that mean it would have to have 160k visits? But for some reason it has like 1,800.

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Notice the creator is the same for both of these games:

A reasonable conclusion would be to assume it’s some exploit or hack this guy has figured out, possibly the same reason the account was terminated.
It would also explain why they have more votes than visits.

Edit: After copying and searching the account link on google, it seems the user has more places with the same kind of thing.


For anyone reading: [redacted] is/was an account of h0nda (the dude who’s done notable things in the past like close lots of groups with his now old twitter handle, make the “roblox inside roblox” game where you control a robot)

He has tweeted about doing this exact thing in the past. The issue going on here is called Race Condition. In short and rather basic terms, what they did was have a bunch of bots like/unlike and dislike/undislike the game extremely quickly so Roblox accidentally counted certain actions twice (in this case, counting un-dislkes twice so it took one more off than it should have. Doing this enough makes it go into the negatives for obvious reasons.)

IIRC, that account ([redacted]) was banned for reasons other than what is going on there. (I could be wrong though)


Yeah, that’s probably it then. Probably a good idea that the account was terminated, but I feel as if the negative dislike thing should be looked into.

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I found another game to show that it’s still happening-

It’s called “DONATE” by torontoraptorslol, I believe. But I cropped the photo so it would be easier to see.

Screenshot 2021-07-27 104752


My game has -1 dislike too I think if someone spam clicks either the dislike or like button it glitches out like that.

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