Game Keyword Search Makes No Sense

Reproduction Steps

Google Chrome stable version on MacOS

Expected Behavior

I expect the game with the highest amount of visits/favorites/like ratio/concurrent players to appear higher than other games

Actual Behavior

My game, the third one listed has more than twice the amount of visits as the games listed before aswell as a higher like ratio and higher amount of favorites. Not sure how this possible makes sense

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL:
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Often


I can confirm that search & discovery has mind boggling decisions behind the sorts.

When searching up “Hockey” my game Basic Hockey does not show up.

Only 17 out of the 47 have more visits, and one of those isn’t even a Hockey game, it’s Soccer.

Even when my game had 20 concurrent from running sponsors, I wasn’t on the sort, and instead all of these 0 player games were.

To get your game off the ground these days, you need a lot more than the Roblox sponsor system, because you simply won’t make your way onto the sorts you need to get onto to attract players without spending R$.

Combine that with the fact that the new sponsored system going to over 13 only has destroyed it’s ability to get your bang for the buck. Good luck getting a game off the ground.

[All 3 of these ads were ran over the course of a week, beginning on a Saturday & ending the following Saturday. The top one was placed directly after the bottom two finished running.]


Thanks for the report. I filed a ticket to our internal database.


To add on to this, after recent changes the search has gotten significantly worse. Even if a player searches “Fruit Picking Simulator” the game is not at all discoverable.


This pushed my game down so far down even though I’ve got better ratings and more visits. This is awful.


The Search function for Experiences seems to be completely broken. We have slipped from 3rd place when searching on the game name down to 16th, with 90% of the returned search bearing no relation to the search string.

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How do you get that much robux in the first place? Jeez

The most ive ran on sponsors was 5000 because thats all i had ever earned from sales. Its impossible competing agaisnt the games that spend like 800,000 on a single ad because they have investors in china or something. Your only hope for getting a game off the ground, especially after ads are <13 AND only appear on the website with roblox pushing for its new desktop app, Is social media. Which isnt easy, I remember i made atleast 30 tiktoks before even 1 got more then 100 views. I can definitely see the sun setting on roblox being a community as they shift their brand into a metaverse with company backed “expierences”

Every flood escape fan game just doesn’t exist. It’s dumb.

Interesting test. If your game title contains multiple words, try re-ordering them and see what the different searches yield.
For example, search for our game “Poop Simulator”, returns 3 irrelevant matches, 2 matches with only a vague ‘content’ match, and 3 with the search terms contained:
Obviously only 1 matches the exact searched string and used to appear in first place.

Now, if I search “Simulator Poop”, 2 irrelevant matches returned, plus 2 with the search string:

It makes me wonder whether their is an incorrect “weighting” on each search parameter entered.

It gets worse for our new “Lost Friends” game as the search term, which used to appear as the first returned result, but now does not appear but does return endlessly crappy clone games of rainbow friends.
If I search for “Friends Lost”, we now appear 9th:

Try mixing up your game name and see what you get. This may or may not prove that they are

  1. Incorrectly “weighting” the search terms
  2. Failing to match the entire string as a primary search
  3. Are inserting random rubbish seemingly

NOTE: There results vary day by day from what I have found, but in the past few weeks our CCUs have plummeted from 100+
@Focia19 @KnightGaladeld please help us


This is super interesting, it seems that the search engine has been updated 2 days ago. Before my game used to rank 19th on the keyword “soccer” but today it is among the thousands (yes, I scrolled for that long) despite holding an average player count of 200 at any given time and despite having spent over 100K robux on sponsors.

However, when you add an extra word to the search query, “street soccer”, my game appears 2nd in the results.

I find it perplexing as to how my game can make such a trivial jump (from +1,000th to 2nd) from a single word added but ultimately I see it as hope because they’re actively trying to make search discovery better and I know this is only the first step to make it better. Hopefully they can figure out how to sort out irrelevant games and optimize the rankings. But for now I’ll be patient.

Edit: I think it’s funny that (empty) games that have outright stole my thumbnails is scoring better than my original game.



edit: this has been resolved, thanks Focia19!

@gigagiele you check out our game as well? Ragdoll Clicker - Roblox

The game went public 1 month ago and has 500-1.5k concurrent users but still doesn’t show up in any searches for ‘ragdoll clicker’. It will ONLY show up in search if you add a bracket somewhere in the search. For example ‘[ ragdoll clicker’ will make our game the first result. I assume this is because when we first launched the game we had subtitles such as ‘[NEW]’ or ‘[EVENT]’ in the title, now our game cannot be found without adding a bracket.

I’ve removed the bracket subtitles from our game 3 days ago and we still do not show up in a search for ‘ragdoll clicker’.

Thank you!

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Thank you for your inquiry!

Our search ranking algorithms are designed to consider query term match as well as user engagement in relation to the issued query. That means in certain cases, an experience may be ranked above some more popular experiences if it gets higher engagement from a given query.

In this particular case however, search algorithms have eventually identified that the experience you are referring to should be ranked at the top and it now shows up as the top result.

We continually work to refine our algorithms to balance relevancy and engagement, ensuring quality content is easily discoverable. Thank you for your feedback and please let us know if you have further questions or concerns.


when you search sus it gives you blox fruits, so

Also weird stuff is Banned/private games on front page. It occurs frequently, primarily on the home page, but occasionally on the discovery page as well. For instance, although Korean karaoke is a private game, it is featured in the social hangout section of the home page.

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I find it hard to believe that this game (Murder family) has more engagement for the term “murder vs sheriff” - my game (Murderers vs Sheriffs Duels) was the number 1 result until recently.

Also, how long does it take for a game to receive a large tile in search?

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This is clearly not the case as you can see here;

and on this entire post;