Game lags badly

What is our game about: Our game is called Vibe Apartment, the main point is just to vibe and hangout with others.

Game link so you can see yourself and see what the problem is: [FREE UGC!] ❤️ Vibe Hugs ❤️ - Roblox

We tried everything to fix the lag and even hired a professional scripter to see what was going on. He said there were a few problems and he fixed it. He said they were too many scripts for animations in each seat and he removed all of them. He then put all of it in a script that would randomize the sitting animations for each of the seat, that helped the lag for a little. But the lag returned and it killed my playerbase. A famous YouTuber played it recently and that helped me a bit but of course it’s the lag again that killed my player, please help me. I’ll pay you if the lag is completely gone or much better.

You can contact me on discord: !Khoi3674

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Hi, I just tried the game and don’t seem to be having a problem with any lag.

That being said, oftentimes lag is usually caused by high density buildings which I presume you may have (not entirely sure though). Try reducing the amount of parts/meshes in a single area.

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Usually, the game would always lag, and sometimes random big lag spikes out of nowhere especially when there’s a lot of players. We tried to fix this before by lowering the amount of max players.

For a PC or Laptop, you might not experience as many lags but you should try testing on your iPhone or tablets. I got a lot of complaints about lag from mobile players and some couldn’t even join because of how laggy it is. I tried to test this myself and joined on my iPhone X. Out of the 5 times testing, 1 time without any problem, 2 times experienced lag loading into the game and then lag afterwards loading more stuff after spawning, and the other 2 times I couldn’t even load into the game at all.

My wifi is fast and I tested that on an iPhone X, so I can only imagine older version than iPhone X could experience worse lag.

May be a WiFi problem, if not, research about the new Beta setting of the Workspace. Here

Try getting rid of any while loops. I once had a function in my while loop and it lagged my game as the loop kept going so fast. It could also be because of Unions or lots of parts. I recommend you check your parts to make sure you dont have too much. You could try delete some parts that you don’t necessarily need. This is the main reason why games lag.

I haven’t had any problems when I tried on my iPhone 8+ wich has same chip as iPhone X and I don’t experience a lot of lag. But I do see the game use a lot of ping on my phone so I’m thinking maybe you have a while loop sending info possibly to the devices or even just a loop. The most lag I saw was server sided lag wich I don’t think is the main issue.

(Again a post abount lag. Should I make a tutorial to how to decrease lag?)
Anyway there are several ways to reduce lag:

  1. Remove the terrain that you don’t see
  2. Enable streaming (for more informations Content streaming )
  3. Disable Cast Shadows in the parts that doesn’t need shadows
  4. Optimize your scripts
  5. Use meshes (how to create a mesh from a building you did in studio meshes )
  6. Optimise the collions box (for other building tips here )
  7. Remove Can Collide to parts that you can’t touch

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:
PS: Sorry for the bad English


Turn on StreamingEnabled, this might not help you alot, but for huge maps, huge games this is a big deal, try it

I tested it myself and no lag! I tried it on mobile and no lag either, it can just be your internet.
As @Chrofex says though;

So maybe its your internet? Im not sure. No lag for me even on mobile and pc

It’s can’t be caused by internet… Lags are based on how game made and your device.

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Maybe there a backdoor or virus?

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Yes also that. But since Roblox made cool update that shows what is required I don’t count that

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I mean the game isn’t laggy at all, I mean it could be your mem/RAM I’m not really saying that it’s your computer but idk man It could be an internet or ping issue but It seems the most likely reason is decals or meshes or sometimes an audio problem because if certain assets are content deleted or they are yet to be moderated could lag the client-side output especially if its the audio.
Edit: I checked the client log and you have some audio that are erroring the client

Ping and memory yeah, but sounds that make error can’t cause lag in game