Game refreshing system?

I’m having a problem with my game where for some reason the game rounds stop looping, but you have to be in the game to see any error in the console, if there is any errors at all :confused:

Problem is that it barely ever happens, but when it does it breaks the whole server. I sat in a server for hours with no breakage to the game.

So is there a way to detect errors without being on a server?

You would do this using HttpService. There are multiple website that provide error tracking that you can hook Roblox up to using HttpService. You can also write your own website for this purpose, but that takes a lot more work.

Here are some useful links. Both services provide error tracking:


You can also drop this into your game which shows errors from before you joined on both the server and other clients (not just yourself):


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DOes it have to be in RepStorage or anything? Or just workspace? I can I change what key to press to open it?

You can change which key it’s bound to by editing the source of the ClientOpenLog LocalScript. You can parent it to ReplicatedStorage or wherever, but you need to have a server script in ServerScriptService require the module.