Game Review Before/After, and a Request for Even More Feedback!

A couple of months ago, @CheekyVisuals held a Roblox Game Review Event, going over several user-submitted games and providing feedback on how to improve the overall design, flow, and content of the games. Our game Maniac (play it here) was one of the games reviewed, and we were given three primary points of feedback, which we have begun implementing: 1) our UI needed work and polishing, 2) we needed a better onboarding experience/tutorial, and 3) we needed better monetization. We have been hard at work implementing these three things, and are ready to show our first round of improvements to the world. We would love to hear even more feedback, especially to hear opinions as to whether or not you all think we successfully implemented these three points or not! All feedback is welcome!

Here are some before and after pics to show our first round of changes:

Main menu/Lobby Screen Before:

Lobby Screen after:

Character Selection Before:

Character Selection After:

Player Inventory/Shop Before:

Player Inventory/Shop After:

New Tutorial Feature:

As always, there is still so much work to be done before we consider this game to be completed, but we appreciate all feedback, criticism, or opinions you all have to give! We want it to be the best experience possible for players.
Also, one last shoutout to @CheekyVisuals for his Game Review event and invaluable feedback! Check him out for great tips and suggestions for improving your projects!

If you’d like to give our game Maniac a shot, you can play it here:


It’s a nice game, very clean look to it and I wouldn’t have thought it was roblox unless I seen the little logo at the top left. When I played it though I noticed that everytime you tap on the Maniac character selection screen it plays the noise the same amount of times that you tapped. I can click/tap on it 10 times fast and the noise will repeat itself until 10 times is over. Also, you should use Future Lighting, it’ll have a cleaner and more realistic lighting.

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Doesn’t look bad at all, you nicely re-worked everything and it looks even better now. There are obviously certain things you can always improve and fix, however you made a fantastic game. Keep on the good work!

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WOAH! I am not going to kid here, this is very, very good.I love the UI’s and how clean you made them. I love the models. From the Weapons to the Characters, keep the good work up!

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Really good game, sound is awesome but I got some issues. Some Ui buttons have a problem that is it doesnt indicate if my mouce is hovering the Ui or not. Like, the Equipment menu when You go inside and try buying something that Ui doesn’t indicate you are hovering the Close button or Yes or no buttons. I would recommend you make them semi tansparent and when you hover the mouce it becomes fully visible that way the Ui’s will look much good. and also character choosing menu’s back button should be the same tween as the actual menu buttons…

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Looks amazing! Certainly looking forward to trying this once you run ads and servers fill up.

In terms of the GUI, it’s aesthetically amazing. The last polish it needs is some feedback elements; make the physical items have an outline or glow when hovered over, and have a UI popup that shows the price right next to your mouse (e.g. fish will display 300 coins). Same idea with sounds (also I’d swap out that zelda sound, not worth the risk of a copyright issue with Roblox)

UI aside it goes without saying the game is great. Spamming space to close portals is maybe not my favorite (would prefer e by default) but otherwise this is brilliant. Thanks a ton for sharing and looking forward to playing :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feedback! We fixed the audio bug you brought up, so thanks for bringing that to our attention!

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Thanks for the feedback! We’ve gone back and added hover effects to the buttons, so thanks for the suggestion!

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Thank you for the feedback! We are working on implementing a UI popup to show prices, that was a great suggestion! Also, we are currently running ads, so if you’d like to experience the full server game, now is a great time!