Game Search Broken

When you use the search bar for my game for example “Sweep Squad”, the first result is

This game does not even have “sweep” or “squad” in the name. Only ‘SQUAD’ in the description.

Please fix :frowning:


Use “sweep squad” to use it as a single search term. I believe without quotation it will be used as seperate search terms and while it does not perfect it, it makes a huge difference in your example;

Not really. Now this is the first result

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At least the title contains something relevant now :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes I agree that there is something wrong with the search as is, I presented my solution more as a quick fix if you were trying to find something as at least what I assume you hoped to find is the third result. Slightly more relevance in most results in terms of keywords but far from what would be desired.

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