Gameplay from my Horror Game, Would Love Feedback

Let me know what you think, or what you’d like to see in a game like this.

If you’d like to test out what there is so far:


Wow, this is absolutely amazing. The amount of detail put into this is astounding, and it really has me hooked. The environment itself is stunning, I can’t place my finger on what it reminds me of, but a lot of it looks great. This seems to have a lot of potential and I am really looking forward to seeing what this may lead to. Of course, if I wasn’t able to recognize the Roblox brick texture easily, I would even say that I wouldn’t believe it’s in Roblox. Great work overall.

Though, the immersion is slowly ruined by the instantaneous opening of doors. Maybe it’s just me, but I guess I like it when everything is as realistic as can be. Even then, this game seems like it’s going to head in the right direction.

Though, I've got a bug.

I’m pretty sure this is probably a Roblox bug, but there’s a possibility it’s not. After backtracking a little bit and walking around in the actual game, my camera ended up facing a single direction the entire time, and my cursor acted like I was not in first person. May be a one-time thing, but just thought I’d let you know!


Thanks man, I really appreciate that!

You may have pressed the tilde key, pressing that will lock and unlock the camera it’s only in there for testing.

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Ah, that seems most likely. I do tend to misclick. Anyways yeah, not a problem, I’m sure it’ll be a great piece when done.

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BOO! did I scare you?

Horror man is back at it and I’m gonna give this review all I got.

The title screen is amazing but for the candle consider having a second softer light to mask the flickering of the light and make it feel more natural.
I’d recommend making a custom walking system instead of simply having the characters head be the position of the camera as it allows for more freedom. Also disable idle animations for the character it’s odd slowly moving around.
For your footsteps add some reverb to make the game more immersive, a dynamic system to handle that would work wonders.
I cannot turn my flashlight off and that scares me.

Oddly enough I don’t feel like I actually exist in this world.

As I cannot find a way to progress I’ll leave my final thoughts here.

The game is very vague in it’s story telling approach making me feel as if I don’t actually exist in this world but that might just be me. With the story I am curious about what’s actually going on here but am not curious enough to deeply pursue the games plot.

The game isn’t scary but I’ll assume you’ll work on it.

Also this is nice


Thanks a lot for the feedback!

I’ve actually been working on a more dynamic sound system, just have a few bugs to iron out. I’ll definitely implement some of your suggestions too, thanks for the keen eye!

As for the story; I have yet to really start writing it, trying to develope the mechanics further before I commit to anything. The basic premise of the story will revolve around you being in a form of purgatory and having to make decisions which will determine where you end up afterwards. I want the story to be mostly driven by gameplay and the player’s experience so the vagueness is to an extent intentional I think it fits well with the premise, I’d like to leave most of it to the player’s interpretation. If you have any suggestions with this in mind I’d be interested in hearing them.

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Well, if you love feedback; I’m happy to help!!!

The lighting is amazing, I love the lights of the candles flicking;very unique!!!

The Theme
The theme is great, love the very creepy vibe I’m getting!!!

The Textures
I love how you included the “O.G.” ROBLOX, textures!!!

The Models
The models are a little outstanding,; but they work!!!

I love the GUI,; The clicking noises are my favorite!!!

To ‘Sum’ it all up,; its good!!!

Keep up the great work!!!


You’ve hit the nail right on the head in this case.
If you need any help with this game feel free to message me on discord.Neko-Kun#6049

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