GameProcessedEvent being fired when no game action is being used

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I’ve tried a number of things and nothing is working

Hope you don’t mind me asking but if your alter the sequence of the ingredients does the problem still occur with the first ingredient?

Hmm it does.

If I move the cheese one over a few studs, it works great. Not sure why if it’s that spot in doesnt work tho

Ok. So we need to know what objects are in that exact location and if they have any properties that are different to the locations further up the conveyor belt.

I don’t see what it could be tho. At first I thought it might be the movement joystick, but I’ve got ModalEnabled set to true, so all mobile buttons are disabled. Those are the only things I can think of that would return a true GPE

Ok. My reasoning is that there may be an object in that location with a collide that might be causing the problem. Can you tell me what is at that location or send me a DM with a link so I can see what the location consists of.

You haven’t shown us what happens if the other toppings are dragged. Perhaps you could show a GIF of you dragging the cheese and the other toppings, as well as showing the output, and perhaps the a part of the actual code alongside with it.

Also there’s no need for the impatience when it comes to there being no solution in this response.

Not entirely sure what you mean, but I mmoved the whole build away so it’s now just the main parts

Also found out, that if I click anywhere in like the third quadrant of the screen

The cheese shows up, even if I’m not clicking on the part

When I drag all the other ingredients and let go, they disappear (correct thing to happen) but the cheese doesn’t.
If you look, when I drag the cheese, like a touchpad shows up and tracks my movement. I don’t know why it only does that for the cheese. So I feel it has something to do with this? As I said earlier, I thought it was the movement pad, but ModalEnabled is set to true so it can’t be that.

And if I switch the cheese one to be on the right and move another one to the cheese position then it affects that one. So it’s basically just affecting whatever ones on the left hand side only.

Looking at the PlayerModule (PlayerScripts), it seems that ModalEnabled does not work at all. There are no mentions of ModalEnabled in any script whatsoever. It seems you’re going to have to use an alternative method of getting rid of the default mobile controls. Though, looking at previous DevForum posts, it seems setting DevTouchMovementMode could solve your problems (Enum.DevTouchMovementMode.Scriptable). This however must be set on the server-side for some reason.

No reason why ModalEnabled shouldn’t work. Been no announcements of it being deprecated in anyway + it works in other games.

This should sum up why ModalEnabled doesn’t work at all:

This is the reason why I recommended you to use DevTouchMovementMode, as it disables any and all Roblox-Default Controls.

If that only works on server then wouldn’t it disable everyones mobile controls tho?

Each individual Player has a “DevTouchMovementMode”, as well as a StarterPlayer, which Player inherits from in terms of its properties. Since Players have these by default, you can set it for that Player. Though, like I said, I am not sure why it is restricted to server-side only. That’s a case for another topic though.

If it’s fromt StarterPlayer, then how can it be set from server??

You simply script it to do so. And you can do it for a specific player, since Players themselves have that property

What’s the point of having something purely determined for the client on the server tho.

Also, from the dev hub, they use

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
-- Set the player's movement mode on mobile devices to a virtual thumbstick
player.DevTouchMovementMode = Enum.DevTouchMovementMode.Thumbstick

which LocalPlayer can’t be used from the server

Good catch. I would just go along with what I said and just use a server-sided script to set that property.

Deve hub once again proving incredibly helpful :roll_eyes:

Going back to DevTouchMovementMode, what would I set it to to disable movement then?
No reference to disable the movement