Generating lighting bolts: Client vs Server

Hello there! I’m thinking of implementing lightning bolts to one of my games. That being said, should I manage the actual lightning bolt on the client or server? Is there a difference between running it on either? Is one inherently better than the other to run it on? By managing the actual bolt, I’m referring to tweening its parts, physically generating it, etc. To calculate the bolt, I’ll do it via the server (using a remote event from the client as this bolt would be generated from a tool).


Everything effects related should be done from the client.
Whatever does not have to be run on the server simply should not. If something is on the server it just gets replicated to the client anyways so you may as well put it on the client so the server does not have to deal with the effects which can cause server lag.

I actually just finished adding lightning effects to my game and its all 100% on the client.
I also recommend using this API for lightning effects rather than making your own.

(I used the deprecated parts version as it looks the best)

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