Get properties of an object

Does anyone know a website where I can find properties of an object?

I am making custom Explorer and Properties menu for Roblox with the plugin but I cannot find any way to get properties,I have looked at a lot website for example

But they are outdated they dont have ViewportFrame.


And if new things will be added on roblox i need to update my website again?


You can use the following endpoint/link with HttpService to retrieve the latest api dump version.

You can then use this version to request the appropriate JSON api dump from this other link, but replace VERSION with the retrieved string.

The dump should contain everything from property names and types to (I believe) methods.

(They’re Roblox subdomains so you might need a proxy?)


It is little bit hard to understand the the file content.

image I finally made it. Thank you so so so much :heart:


Does this work on both studio and on server?

Yes, it does work in both server and studio.