Get shirt's template id from catalog id in a script?

I want to get a asset id from a shirt id through a script so people can put in their shirt id and display their clothes but to display a shirt from a script i need the asset id.

Use a TextBox and when the player types the ID set the players shirt to that ID

shirt ids and asset ids are different and shirt objects use asset ids

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If the player wanted to change the players shirt to this Cartoony Rainbow Hoodie - Roblox then they would copy the ID which is this: 6218423719 then paste that to a textbox where you then change there shirt to that.

that’s the shirt id not the asset id

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Shirts dont have “asset” ID’s, assets are the things in the toolbox.

if i put the asset id into the url bar instead of the shirt’s id it would bring me to the page with the shirt’s template

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if i put the shirt id into a shirt it will change to something like this which is the asset id


but if i put it in with a script it doesn’t automatically change to the asset id

oh i use this in my clothing store use the insertservice

AssetURL = game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(ItemURL)

To answer your question, using InsertService’s :LoadAsset(catalogId) method is the way to go.

print(game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(6218423719).Shirt.ShirtTemplete) would print the Asset Id for the rainbow shirt.

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