Get user avatar details? (not thumbnail)

I’m setting up a custom character for a game I’m working on. I want the user’s bodycolor and certain accessories to update to the character, while other things such as the humanoid and some limbs get completely replaced. I understand how to get a avatar’s thumbnail, but I can’t find anywhere how to get a avatar’s details such as bodycolor and accessories, what would you use for this?

You would usually get a user’s avatar details using rbxthumb:// or Players:GetUserThumbnailAsync, but this does not work with custom characters. I would recommend using ViewportFrames in this case.

HumanoidDescription can be used to change/get the currently worn accessories on an avatar.

I understand you can use humanoidDescription, but it doesn’t work when the character is automatically replaced by roblox when you use StarterCharacter

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Like I said, this is a case where ViewportFrames come in handy. What you’d do is copy the character into the ViewportFrame and then set up the ViewportFrame’s CurrentCamera to face the character. If you need any further explanation, let me know!

Thank you for your reply, however I was looking for a way to get a player’s avatar/character that wouldn’t be possible in a game with a already made starterCharacter. Viewing the character in a viewport is something you just taught me though :slightly_smiling_face:

For future reference, the solution is to get the player’s humanoiddescription

For some reason this wasn’t anywhere on the wiki, however it defintiely should be as it’s super useful