Getting Member role is Harder than it looks?

Hey! How are you today? I’ve seen this one person, @wevetments he is a very active person, I’ve seen him a lot on the Fourms, I decided to look at his stats:

I noticed how much work he has put into the forms and how much days he has spent on here, it makes me wonder, is it harder than it looks to get the Member role? People say you have to do soemthing great and get noticed by it, h. He even has close to 365 days visits! (a year if you didn’t know that lmao.) has close to 50 solutions and close to 1k likes, that’s something great? It worries me that even if I will have stats like him, I wouldn’t be able to get the role, what are your opinions on this?


Member promotions are currently moving quite slowly and have been quite sparse lately. Buildthomas explains this here:


Personally, I’d ask a Top Lead Contributor about that if I were him.

Sure! Should I dm them? Would they get mad?

Don’t think so tho it would be best if he himself asked.

Thanks for the help! I’ll dm him about it!

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Yepp you’re right. Were one of them :eyes:

However, I believe it’s because of a system they’ve introduced. Most others have gotten a personal message telling about their promotion, while I got a system message.


We have several threads now on promotion to Member and you should pick one of the existing threads to contribute to. It’s tedious to have this same discussion over and over again. Refer to the response I left that was quoted above.