:GetTouchingParts() doesn’t detect touching parts while part is moving

:GetTouchingParts() doesn’t detect touching parts while part is moving.
Test.rbxl (20.9 KB) Demonstration (look at output)

What do i do here? If i can do anything at all.

Any help is appreciated.

Im trying to test this and it just in the output says 0 because of the print.

Add an “empty” touched event to the part. If the part’s CanCollide property is false this is what you must do.

script.Parent.Touched:Connect(function() end)

it prints the number of parts touched. perhaps i should have clarified.

Well the part i would like to use this in will (most likely) phase trough things so that wouldn’t help (since touched, as far as i’m aware, won’t fire if the part we’re checking is already inside another part) and i need all the parts that touch.

Also touched won’t work on high speed parts (talking 500+ studs/sec)

correct me if i’m wrong, but were you referencing this? Simple trick to make GetTouchingParts work with non-CanCollide parts

edit: sorry found it a bit late