GetTouchingParts not working

Car Crushers 2 is currently experiencing this as well and it has destroyed the gameplay aspect of it as we rely on this method for many key systems


Dungeon Quest currently is broken since no monsters or players can damage each other at the moment.


Increased the impact to critical since this is a platform-wide bug that is drastically breaking games.

Same issue occuring in A Hero’s Destiny, it’s completely unplayable in its current state because most of the game’s abilities used :GetTouchingParts().

Most games rely on this functionality so hopefully Roblox takes notice and fixes the issue asap. Strangely this might be a backend issue because it just randomly happened on old/new servers alike.

Could this issue be related to the new part collision property update?

The issue just randomly happened out of the blue its probably not related. One of Roblox systems might be down or experiencing some form of issue.

Yeah, this broke my game’s main loop. Can we get an engineer’s attention here?

We’re aware of the issue and working on it.


This issue has totally broke my game it is not able to spawn food for the players to collect now making the game unplayable it just happened in the last hour

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This is also happening to me and a few players reached out to me about it. Nobody in my game can attack any monsters and it renders the game functionless. Able to reproduce in Studio, and getting reports of my game’s weapons and tools not working which rely on GetTouchingParts. Nothing in my game has changed.

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Any idea if this was behind a dynamic flag or not?

Just noticed it testing in Studio.

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My game heavily relies on this function, hoping ROBLOX fixes this asap

Yes. Updates almost always ship on Tuesday/Wednesday so if you see a problem start happening outside of that window it’s very likely to be something fixable with a flag revert.

Though even if it weren’t something critical like this would be resolved with an emergency release.


I know, I was on client team for 3 years. I was just wondering if it’ll take a server shutdown to fix - in my game, people make crates out of their products to sell them, but they currently can’t secure them, so they’ll be lost if servers shutdown now. I can tell them all to break open their crates to get their stuff back before then if needed, though.

EDIT: Looks like it’s good. Thanks, everyone.


:GetTouchingParts() works again and issue is resolved


This should be working now. Thank you for the report!


yep back up and going thank yall for fixing so fast

It’s broken 99% of games. This is a well-used feature, and this breaks so many games. I was playing a game and it broke, most of the moves don’t even work anymore. The players are complaining.