GFX Programs Besides Photoshop

I am trying to get into GFX, and im wondering what programs are best for doing this.


Blender is a great program to start making GFX’s! Good luck on learning to make them, I can’t wait to see your work!

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I recommend and Blender is a free gfx software, and is a free software that is just like photoshop, i recommend getting plugins for such as boltbaits plugin pack and pyrochilds plugins.


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There are variety of software - programs to choose from, blender is a known software where designers create there graphic designs in. Blender is a good software that people recommend and it’s free with special rendering 3D modeling, especially when creating characters rendering such as GFX. This is a great software to use for beginners. - Gimp is good normally for creating different designs in i see people normally use these programs for creating (UI, Art, Drawings and more).

It really comes down on what software your willing to learn. It takes some basic understanding to produce good graphics within these different programs. Blender is a good software to get started in because it’s a open source it’ll take time if your wanting to learn the workflow and curve around whatever program you choose to learn!

You can also use Cinema4D too if Blender is not your type if your mostly an R6 Rig User and technically R15. Like @ElectronicDroid said, Blender and is the designer’s primary software for making GFX designs. They also use Cinema4D too. If you want to be professionally basic, you can use Adobe Photoshop for editing your GFX background and enhancement :smiley: :+1:

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