Gnomeski's Portfolio (BUILDER w/ 10+ YEARS EXPERIENCE)

About Me

I’m a 21 y/o builder. I joined Roblox in 2009 and have been building ever since. I’m a detailed builder and have just recently started doing low-poly builds(look below). This is also my first time releasing a portfolio.


I’ve made and been apart of so many groups and I have worked on so many projects. I’ve built in so many communities on Roblox. Here are a few communities I’ve done work for: ancient, WW1, WW2, clan community, modern, futuristic, county, prison, role-play, and many more.

Examples of my work

Games you can visit that I made

Made everything in this game except some furniture. This was a community project, so I used some assets from a community furniture set so everyone was familiar with it.
Made everything except the workout equipment, bleachers, tables, and the towers. A friend made the things I didn’t make.

Pictures of my work

A castle I made just for fun. It’s based off Schloss Lichtenstein. The huge rectangles in the back were reference pictures.

A clubhouse interior I made(the full clubhouse is linked in this post). I didn’t make the chairs/couch, cans, or the vinyl records on the wall.

I think I based this off a manor in Florida. I made everything in this picture, but not the mesh bushes, trees, or the mesh above the door.

This is an interior for a prison cell block I made. I made everything in this picture except the decal on the lights.

Low poly dorm bedroom. Made everything in this photo.

Low poly dorm bathroom. Made everything in this photo.

Low poly dorm living room. Made everything in this photo.

Low poly dorm kitchen. Made everything in this photo.


My timezone is eastern standard time. I’m available to work from 9am to 9pm every day, if need be.


Prices are negotiable. My preferred payment method is robux. If you’re not able to pay in robux I am willing to accept other ways of payment, so just hit me up and we can negotiate the other ways.


Please contact me on Disord at marcusss#4465



I LOVE your work! Keep up the great work.

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vouch, Good work ethic and dedication to his projects.

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Amazing work! You’re truly one of the best builders I’ve seen on the platform. Best of luck!

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Really nice work! I’m looking to get in contact and have sent you a friend request on discord. (I’m sin#3133)


I really like your work! I’m hiring a builder to help with maps for my WWII game - you can read more details here: Forum post

I added you on Discord (Akkurat#7151)

Are you capable of designing lowpoly?

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Yes. It’s not my favorite building style because I love adding as much detail as I can, but I can absolutely do it.

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I sent you a friend request: FrenchToast#7857

I accepted. Thanks for your interest!