Google classroom allowed on roblox?

I know discord is not allowed but i was wondering if google classroom is allowed?


Only links from whitelisted domains are allowed. As far as I know, that’s only Roblox, Youtube and Twitter links at the moment. (Correct me if I’m missing some.)


Twitch is also allowed!

@C0_le Reminder Regarding Permissible Links


YT is a Google owned company. I don’t see a reason not to whitelist Google services.

Although YT explicit content is a thing despite it being against YT ToS so that worries me.

If they whitelist all Google functions then they’d also whitelist links which can be any number of bad things. Also, they’d be whitelisting potentially bad searches, and not to mention google drive links which could be harmful files to download. So, it’s really just a big ol’ pandoras box to open up all of Google.


There’s also a dedicated “rated X” community on Twitter. Not allowing google classrooms in case there’s adult content doesn’t make much sense if Twitter is allowed. I feel it would make more sense to allow google classroom links, but easily reportable if not appropriate (like other links on Roblox).

In my opinion, there’s a lot of opportunity being lost if all Google classroom, Google drive, Google documents, Google sheets, Google form links are automatically banned. It’s industry standard. That’s just my opinion though.


If you trust someone enough to go downloading items from them via Google Drive or need access to Google Docs from them, you’re probably close enough friends with them that you can get those links elsewhere than Roblox.

I’m not talking about downloading items, I am referring to resources such as classroom, sheets, forms, etc.
I’m sure there’s a way for Roblox to allow links to go to these and not allow those sketchy google url shorteners.

Yea, they can. But I was pointing out to the person who said that based on YouTube being allowed that all of Google should be allowed.

Ah that’s true. Sorry, misunderstanding of the context of your original comment.

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No problem.

I feel like Twitter and Youtube do an okay-ish job at stopping kids from seeing inappropriate content for their age (i.e. “log in and confirm your age to view this”, “click to view inappropriate content”, age-gating on videos/twitter profiles) whereas the other ones you mention tend to not do that at all. I think that’s the major difference.


also just fyi as a google classroom host ( classroom owner) you can see the members

First Name
Last Name


This is enough reason to never allow it.