GPUs that don’t support OpenGL 3.3 fail to load the game

Reproduction Steps
This bug is exclusive to a sub-place within our game: [🔥 🔵 UPDATE] Blox Fruits - Roblox

Players can play normally on other sub-places, however, when they try teleporting to this place, the game fails to initialize.
Joining this place on a mobile device with OpenGL 2.2 or older should trigger the bug.

Expected Behavior
The game should load normally.

Actual Behavior
Everybody it’s not working for has OpenGL 3.2 and is on a mobile device, it seems to be working fine for anybody with OpenGL 3.3.
They get stuck loading infinitely with an “empty skybox”, and sometimes in the Roblox loading screen. The bug occurs 100% of the time for those players.

Not sure if it’s actually because of OpenGL or not.

There’s also an existing post with a similar bug which says it was resolved 5 days ago (cannot link it because the keyword ‘robloxcrit1cal’ is blacklisted).
However, we just saw it happen 7 hours ago to a player when we were trying to debug them.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Crashing
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly


Hey there,

I attempted to reproduce the bug on my Samsung S21 phone, but was unable to. An app I downloaded stated I had OpenGL 3.2. Just to confirm, is the issue on OpenGL 3.2 and older, or is it on OpenGL 2.2 and older? I noticed you mentioned both. Also a few more questions:

When did this issue start occurring?
Are you able to get the device make/model that the players are using who are experiencing this issue?

This will help our engineers come to a quicker resolution!


OpenGL ES 3.2, but like I said, I’m not sure if OpenGL is actually the issue. Every broken player has had a phone with a GPU that doesn’t support 3.3 so that’s our guess.

Most commonly Oppo A31 and any phone running a PowerVR GE8320 GPU are the ones crashing. Another phone with the same issue is Samsung Galaxy J4, running GPU Mali-T720 MP2 (running 3.1).
It probably started happening 2 weeks ago, when we updated the game.
Pretty sure it’s not fixed because a player just experienced the same issue again today.

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Appreciate the extra details. I’ve filed this bug report and we will get back to you once we have more information. Thanks!

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Are you able to reproduce this in a smaller place that you could send? We wouldn’t want to bug you for every engineer taking a look at your experience since I know you’d have to edit their data. If you create a new experience that teleports a player to a sub-place, does it still occur? Or is the issue unique to Blox Fruits itself? Thanks again!

The issue appears to be unique to Blox Fruits itself, specifically the sub-place I linked (World 3). When players teleport from World 1 to World 2, they don’t crash. It only happens the moment they enter World 3.

I don’t think I’d be able to repro this in a smaller place either, I feel like there’s something hidden within this sub-place which is causing certain players to crash. We also tried deleting the map from Workspace for one of the affected players, and he still crashed. Maybe it has to do with the Lighting settings/contents? I don’t think it’s caused by a script because it happens before they’re even able to spawn.

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Would you be willing to create another testing experience where you can attempt to isolate the issue? Basically, have a random baseplate where if you say a certain command or something, it teleports you to the sub-place which would be a copy of the World 3 place. If the issue still happens there, could you try disabling all scripts within that place and see if the player can join? If a script isn’t causing it, try moving the lighting settings/contents you mentioned into ServerStorage (in the testing sub-place). I mainly want to confirm that you can reproduce it aside from your main experience, and see if the issue lies within a script.

After running multiple experiments with an affected player, we learned the crash reason is 100% the Clouds instance. The moment we instanced a Clouds object to workspace > Terrain in a live server, the player immediately crashed.

Here’s the baseplate where the issue was isolated:

Phone model: Oppo A31

Appreciate the extra insight! I’ll be sure to file this to the appropriate team and we will update you when we have further information.


Hello, I would like an update if possible, since I am currently being affected by this too

Hello, sorry for the super late update. Our engineers are currently looking at this issue but we need logs and a program dump. You can find how to provide and send us those in this topic: How to post a Bug Report - Bug Reports - Developer Forum | Roblox

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I followed up in our support ticket regarding this… We do not have the devices to test this issue and post a log/program dump. If you could please test this internally we would be grateful, this is a feature we’re activating in Blox Fruits shortly, and it was previously impacting hundreds of players.

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