Grab handles to large to work with (Terrain)

I am attempting to change the terrain’s sea level. For some reason the grab handles appear extremely large and I have not been able to reset them. I have tried restarting Roblox Studio and reopening the terrain toolbox.

The sea level, when first selected was set very far away from my current workspace location, approx. 13k studs away. I’m thinking maybe the grab handle size is set based on the initial distance and to see the handles they’d need to be very large. They aren’t updating though after changing the position.

This doesn’t seem normal unless the area you’ve selected is incredibly small.
Sea Level usually is used for making a huge area of water around(It basically goes beyond the limit what the Fill feature has) Fill is an alternative version of Sea Level but in smaller areas.

This plugin will help you transform part to material, in the example given it could be changed to water material.

We’ve updated the handles in the new beta, which solves this problem. You can check the announcement for more details.