Grand Community — Frequently Asked Inquiries

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This section of the handbook is dedicated to questions that are frequently requested by community members (including Staff &Grand Guests). If you have an inquiry that is not listed in the assortment of inquiries and responses below, you are more than welcome to contact a higher-ranked staff member that resides in the department you are in need of assistance from .

How do I work in a department?

To work in a department, the simplest option is to apply . Your application will be reviewed by the directory of departments and they will come to terms of your application status. Upon passing, you will be greeted with your departmental duties and training.

How do I rank up at training sessions?

Ranks Trainee are eligible to attend a training session and obtain an advancement through passing . As a trainee, you can pick to train for a staff role; you will need to attend a scheduled training session to receive an advancement.

When are sessions hosted?

Trainings and Interview sessions are a scheduled process and are announced whenever a member of the HR+ team is available to host at a scheduled session time. They take place at designated and coordinated times, you may see the session schedule in our #sessions channel within our communications server.

Can I have safe-chat and be apart of the Management Team?

To be a member of the MR+ team, safe-chat is not prohibited. However, that changes whenever you become a member of the Grand Community High Rank Team. Once you depart from the Middle Rank Team, safechat is no longer permitted to allow more communication.

Where can I locate Grand staff information?

We have particular staff channels that are designated in staff channels, one of those channels contains all the information you will need to thrive as a staff member. This contains all our regulations and links to our guides, as well as more useful information.

How can I establish an affiliation towards Grand Community?

To form an affiliation with our community, you must refer to our Affiliation Public Handbook. It is located in our communications server and the other important links of our introductory of the public handbook!