Grand Community β€” Hiring Process and Information

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Upon attending one of our scheduled and coordinated training or interview sessions here at Grand Resorts and community, you will soon be permitted to interact with our distinct staff opportunities that have been introduced to assist the interactivity of the resort for staff members as well as of Grand Guests. Below, our Corporate Team have thoroughly explained all there is to know about jobs for staff in-game at our resort facilities and establishments as well as how to receive a job.

How do I receive a job at Grand Resorts?

To receive a job at Grand Resorts, it is imperative to follow the following steps regarding to a member of the Grand Resorts Staff Team. First off, you would want to join our ROBLOX community group. Once you have proceeded to do so, you would want to find the nearest Interview Session scheduled time. You then would want to attend that interview session and pass the session. Once you pass, you are required to attend an additional session titled as a Training Session. You would want to find the nearest time of the session and attend that session. Once you have attended and passed one of our respective training sessions, you are now officially a member of the Grand Staff Team!


Receptionists attain the responsibility of working behind the reception counters in the front entrance of the resort to provide Grand Guests their requested and respectable room; their objective as a receptionist is to respond to any inquiries or concerns and verify any issues are resolved immediately . They should regularly communicate with housekeeping members to relay any information informed from the guests that their service is immediately needed; their placement is to certify that the Grand Guests are satisfied with the service and stay provided to them.


The occupation of a security staff member is to ensure and verify the staff team and resort guests feel safe and enjoyable during their visit. Members of the security responsibility are prompted with handcuffs to remove disruptive guests to avoid causing disturbance to the rest of the community. Additionally, security also attain a segway. This item is utilized to catch up to trollers who are trying to escape security members.


Baristas are given the unique opportunity to work behind the cafe register and serve members of the resorts’ residence . In training sessions, they will be taught how to operate the machines and approach customers appropriately in order to provide our guests and community the best service possible. Baristas will need to familiarize themselves with operating a register as well as our machines in order to submit and provide drinks and snacks through the interactive screens in the cafe; this entire process will be explained thoroughly at training sessions.


The serviceable operations of a member of the housekeeping team is to ensure that resort guests are satisfied with the cleanliness and comfort of their stay at Grand Resorts . It’s their job and responsibility to ensure and verify that the resort rooms are cleaned in-between utilization, any and all janitorial duties are managed and administered to certify the resort is kept in pristine condition .

Members of housekeeping are granted cleaning supplies and a staff radio chat to keep consistent communication with security and reception to be present when cleaning matters arise.