Grand Community — Public Policies:

:hotel: | Grand Resorts Experience Regulations:

Whilst visiting our resort it’s vital that all regulations are abided and adhered to. Without upholding our game policies, you will be subjected to punishments distributed against you . Our public policy has been provided for your understanding.

[1]: Respect must be directed to community members at all times . Failure to be respectful of other people and their boundaries will result in moderation actions.

[2]: If you are seen with any inappropriate ROBLOX usernames/display names, you will be immediately removed from our server . Depending on the severity, this may result with a ban.

[3]: Advertising/selling on our group wall is not permitted . These include: groups, games, clothing, giveaways, chainmail or anything as such. Doing this will result in a demotion of your rank or moderation sanctions against you.

[4]: Exploiting in-game or at any of our group establishments will result in an instant removal. If you join back and continue, you will receive an unappealable ban. Taking the fun out of/ruining the experience for other individuals will immediately result in disciplinary actions.

[5]: Commencing drama or framing a guest/staff member for something they didn’t commit will lead to punishments on the reporters behalf. We will not tolerate false/twisted reports or concerns that are addressed to our Management Team .

[6]: Avoiding an administrative action such as a ban by creating an alternative account and continuing to break our regulations on that account will lead to permanent measures.

[7]: Any form of trolling and being disrespectful to community members will result in a verbal warning . After the individual has received a verbal warning and continues, the user will acquire a written warning.

:palm_tree:| General Policies Conclusion:

Thank you for reading our General Policies of our experiences! We hope you enjoy your stay while at our community, and please verify to follow all listed regulations!