Graphics Design

Good afternoon!

After a long break from Graphics Design, I have finally made my return.
I would like some feedback on the first Profile Picture I made earlier today!

Go as harsh as you please! MASTER GFX PFP|500x500


Why dont you just upload it to the actual site instead of a link,

also that gfx is fire my guy

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Nice artwork! I see that you used a GFX pack for the slime effect. Try and change the style up a bit to make it look like it’s hovering over the character. Overall, not bad!

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I tried, it just done a link instead.


Wow , it looks good.

You took a break from GFX or Roblox?


Looks nice enough. I wish to see the slime to be more greenish colour because I can obviously see some yellow colour on it

Overall, looks good!


The colors remind me of ben10 :joy: other than that, it looks pretty good, maybe a little more green effects as it seems a bit bland but other than that :man_shrugging: 8/10 :+1:


Damn thats so hot. It looks so great. Keep on going.


I took a break in September. And only came back yesterday.

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Sorry for asking.

Do you have a suggestion on a price?
I was thinking maybe 100 - 150 Robux.

1)Cheap prices like 150-200 gets you many orders per day.

2)High prices like 500 robux gets you atleast one order a day but you recieve those 500.

You can decide what you want , I suggest the first(1) option.

If you are eager for earning rather than helping people with low budget by keeping prices cheap then you can keep the price range to 500-600.

Unfortunately you cannot ask for pricing advice or this post will be flagged :C

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I’ll remember this, luckily this is my first time asking.
I’ll take down the messages immediately