Gravity controller

Ok, in regards to Egomoose’s post about the gravity controller, I was wondering, how would I make it so the gravity control would only work in a certain area, like a building for example? Any ideas just reply!
Here it is:


Could you please link his Topic/Post once so we can see what it is easily?

Sure, just a second…
Let me get it up

What is your main motive, that such gravity is applicable in only a certain area?

Yes, that’s what it is for, so it only activates when a player is in a certain area

Umm… If you want it in a certain building then just enclose that building then that would be enough.

For getting people in a certain area I’d recommend using this:

Without looking through the Gravity Controller I’m sure there is no enable/disable option/function for it so you would have to custom write that into the system

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Ok thanks I’ll try it, :))))))))

What do you mean by enclose the building?

I meant if you want it in just a building or just the whole map then just enclose the map with 4 walls. But if just a certain area then yes go with what @Wonuf said above.

Am I able to adjust the perimeter of the allowed area? If so, how would I?

Did you ever figure out how to do this? Because I’m currently struggling to find a way to disable and then enable the gravity controller.

If you need help with doing the region finding thing, maybe :FindPartsInRegion3()

No I need help with disabling the gravity controller