Grill'ed - Main Handbook

Grill’ed Main Handbook

Welcome! Here you can find all the various guides you will need to help you out along your journey here at Grill’ed!

Listed below is a range of documents, both for customers and staff, that is recommended that you all read. They contain the basic formalities and rules that are needed to be followed and met at all Grill’ed establishments.



Information: Coming Soon!
FAQ: Coming Soon!
Contributors: Coming Soon!
Update Log: Coming Soon!



Trainings Guide: Coming Soon!
Recipes Guide: Coming Soon!


Game Links:
Grill’ed Restaurant: WIP
Grill’ed Application Center: WIP
Grill’ed Training Centre: WIP

We hope that this updated handbook has helped you understand more about how things work at Grill’ed! If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything listed in any of these documents, do not hesitate to speak to any of our friendly staff! :smiley:

Created: 30/09/2020
Updated: 30/09/2020