Grogu character


Sculpted in Zbrush
Retopology in Blender
Texture and Bake in Substance Painter
Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 4

90k tris
4096 x 4096 texture set

Time spent: 15 Hours


Cool… I don’t really know how useable it would be in roblox though. With a 4k texture and 90k tris. But it looks awesome!

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I’m… astonished. A loss for words. I don’t think he means for it to be used in Roblox, also. So Grogu is Baby Yoda’s real name… huh. I always thought it was Gorgu for some reason.

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Looks awesome! What’s the reflection in his eyes in the first render? :o I think it would be greatly improved with the edition of uh…



Looks awesome!
To describe it in Twitch language: “POG!”

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Very very cute where will you use this?

It might be for something on UE4

This is AMAZING! The work, effort, and commitment to this is amazing! Great job, keep it up! :star_struck::+1:

Wow… just wow! The attention to detail is just so amazing on this! Keep up the great work!