Group admins have both "Configure" and "Group Admin" options showing

I’ve noticed today that if you have any configuring permissions in any of the groups, You’ll have both “Configure Group” (new option) and “Group Admin” (old configure page), which are essentially the same, showing. I’m not sure if the admin button should be showing or not but it’s a bit misleading.

I can reproduce it both on PC as well as the mobile version of Chrome with the "Request Desktop Site"on an iPhone XR w/ iOS 13.3.



Group Admin:


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This isn’t a bug of any sort. You will still see the “Group Admin” page, because the new “Configure Group” is not live to the public yet.

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Last I heard, it’s pretty much live and kicking in pretty well.

It’s only live for Beta Users as of right now. If it was live to the public, the “Group Admin” page wouldn’t exist anymore.

As far as I know this is on purpose because Configure Group is still in beta. So I don’t think this is as much as a bug as a beta feature.

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(To both responses) Even if it’s just for beta testers, they can still pretty much disable the older admin page for beta testers. It may not be a bug for some people but it is for a selected few.

There’s no point in removing the older one as you can just try the new one It’s not meant to replace anything as of now, This is also as stated before not a bug.

This is intentional, as mentioned in the announcement post: