Group Assets Location Change

Hi developers!!

We’ve made a small change regarding the location of Group Assets in the Toolbox, and wanted to give you all an update! These changes are intended to make the process of finding Group Assets more intuitive!

:exclamation: Important Notes :exclamation:

> What’s Changing?

All Group Assets (Group Models, Images, Meshes, Audio, Plugins) will now be found only in your Creations tab of Toolbox. They will no longer appear in the Inventory tab of Toolbox.

Group Packages will also now be available in the Creations tab and will be removed from Inventory.

> Why is it Changing?

With this change, we aim to have a centralized location for all Group Assets within your Creations tab in Toolbox to maximize efficiency and reduce redundancy!

If you have any feedback or concerns, please let us know!

With this little change, do we finally get a search bar for group images, models, etc too? Like in here for example.


The new function is interesting, but I have a doubt about this that I do not know if it only happened to me, since when I tried to see the images in the group’s inventory, it was the only section that did not let me see it and it came out that it did not have any image, but with any other models like mesh, if you let me see it. Is that also fixed in this update of location changes?


Looks great, always got confused about accessing the group creations and this makes it a bunch easier, Thank you for these amazing updates!

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I like this change, it was previously confusing to differentiate between your own models and someone else’s models, now you can see someone else’s models you got in the inventory section, without seeing your own.

I never used the inventory section anyways since I don’t use free models, but this change is a change for the better.

Nice when uploading assets will be fully handled from the Creator Dashboard it gonna be lit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :fire:


Oh no… I already need to keep track of 20-30 different Roblox rigs, I don’t need to start accounting for 10 other group’s inventories… At least add a search bar to the section.


The only concern I have about this is me getting used to it :joy:. Other than that, it’s fine.

Actually I’d prefer having recent models at the end of the category selector.

Any chance animations could be added here too?


Speaking of Group Assets, is there any chance we can get more control over what roles has access to places and the inventory in groups? I’d like to be able to give specific roles access to Group Assets separate from access to editing group places.


First of all, I don’t think this update is a priority. Looks :expressionless:.

The problem is, there are over 3,000 models in my group. How can I find them without a search option? I made a plugin for Roblox Studio. (as a search bar) but it has lost its functionality. I don’t think this update should be prioritized.

Thanks to everyone who came up with this idea though! :wrench:


How would we upload decals?
Do I still have to be through the website even though everything is moved over to the Toolbox?

You can upload decals from their website. This feature is currently not available.

wow i liked these update and it will help me and devs

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As many people have mentioned, a search bar is really wanted. Especially for publishing models too. It can be very inconvenient when overwriting a model that was published around a month or two ago when there are a lot of models published after it under the same group.


I hope this feature works out well.

There should be a warning that it’s moved to “Creations”

at first i though it got removed and i was confused but suddenly realized it was moved without getting warned

This is cool i’m glad. I was losing my mind trying to find group models cause i put most of my models in there and i even reinstalled roblox and roblox studio deleting the files in my local appdata :joy: who else was thinking it was a huge bug freaking out?

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