Group payouts and NBC developers

I’m not with this nor am I against it.

I agree with the fact that something should be done to help developers who do commissions to raise money because that’s a really good way for developers to raise money to fund their game’s development [for example] .

Though there is a reason as to why roblox has it where NBC cant make groups and have high tax, it worked well for them to get people to buy membership, and it still does, though why not use the trick of giving your customers a taste of the product to persuade them to buy it?

If I can get one group then I would know what I can do with that group, and because of its limitations I’d want to get more groups therefore I’d buy a membership. Though again we don’t know what roblox has in store for us so… I don’t know what would be a good idea and what wouldn’t

I for one can’t wait to see what comes of the long awaited group updates, that has been said will be released sometime this year but maybe its next year along with UGC…

There’s also the fact that it would be much easier to bot groups.

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removing the fee for groups, regardless if it’s intended for only developers would be a rampage for the trading community

they already transfer millions of robux into groups solely for the purpose of trading (buying a limited with group funds saves you 30%, and the seller gets the same amount, even though it’s not officially supported by roblox, it happens daily)

however, I’m not sure how big of a deal that would be, the system being used unintentionally.

this is a big selling point for builder’s club membership, and with the recent removal of active place limit based off of membership status, this would makes up a bigger portion of the buying power of builder’s club

I can agree with this. Although the point was made I would like to say maybe if the user is BC or they have more than X amount of robux on their account could be a good approach.
(Or a general discount of BC members to still be 100 R$ while NBC 500 R$ or something)

I’m sorry, but I am totally against this idea.

  1. Roblox would be flooded with groups, trolls, and everything has personified the Roblox community over the last ten years.
  2. This takes away a Builders Club Feature. As we take away features, less people will want to buy. Translating to less money for Roblox. As developers, we want Roblox to have more money so they can continue to expand the platform.
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No no, I am doing exactly what you suggest and I get taxed 30%, it’s always been like that. Groups get charged 30% regardless if the owner is BC or not.
It’s true, though, that the website displays the 90% tax but in reality you are only charged 30%.

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With the removal of a BC feature you would effectively disincentives people from buying BC.

If you want to take being a dev seriously make a 5 dollar a month investment. :man_shrugging:

@Builder_Boy @PastorDaniel

Don’t you think that using this method, it would prevent the majority of poeple that have not invested in roblox through BC or devving from making groups?

They would have to get there hands on robux to make a group, therefore getting it through buying robux or devving for it. (And other ways, but that’s rarer)

Honestly, I don’t think this would be that big of an impact, since the majority of players won’t be able to get a group, but it would motivate them to get robux to be able to. Remember, this is one group, not more than that.

If we were to implement this, I think that group making prices should be reduced for BC members and more group features should be available.
These are the current BC privileges (I left out the bottom ones that all bc levels have):

They just removed the active games privilege. If we remove creation of groups, BC is definitely not what I paid for. I’ve bought BC since 2011, to have this access set apart from the greater Roblox community.

Groups open a small, yet possible, doorway for NBC to get a lot of Robux. As more people get Robux, the price of things will inflate. Sooner or later, everything will inflate like tix did. I don’t want that to happen.


True, and thanks for noting that. I really want to prevent this from being “Groups for all NBC!!!”

No, no, and, no.

I suggest that there are “types” of groups.

For example: when making a group there is a dropdown to chose the different types.

Type #1: Standard (features that don’t belong to the theme of payment are disabled, non-advertisable, different layout, no sellable shirts, etc.)

Type #2: Extra (current type, disabled for NBC)

Would this solve the problem @PastorDaniel?

Possibly, but if this were rolled out, I would need to be able to set my current group as which type it is.

Seeing a majority in votes, what exactly happens after this?

Doesn’t mean much, it is just public opinion and RbxDev members of all people should know that polls aren’t going sway ROBLOX here. They are a corporation, they listen to us but their business model comes first and getting something significant with even support of some of the employees will do very little. Probably something to recap in a long time from now, as they did shift to make 200 places free and eliminating an entire BC only feature. This made it quite clear that ROBLOX is planning to shift BC in a new direction or they are just cutting off what their statistics say is the lowest reason for sales.

I personally would want to see NBC members have at least one group with perhaps limited features. I myself never could get BC, I always had to rely on my friends to buy it for me and it was usually free or I did something for them. Some people just don’t understand and have it easy for themselves when it comes to these situations where someone can’t go throwing out money on the internet.


Papa bless :pray:

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