Group rank dropdown gets cut off at bottom of members page

While going to rank somebody up today in one of my divisions for my group, I noticed that when you’re down to the bottom of the page and want to rank somebody only limited ranks show.

As shown here:

However it should be displaying as so:


As you can tell, it displays perfectly towards the top - however towards the bottom it likes to cut out the scrolling frame for the promotion div.


Group Admin Rank List Issue

When going onto the Member tab to rank people, you open the list up and try to rank them. When I do that, and the website is at 100% size, you can change it by holding CTRL and scrolling, it changes the size of the drop down list of ranks so I cannot see certain ranks.

Bug occurs in the Configure Group panel, on the ‘Members’ tab.

Bug first appeared for me yesterday.

GIF of the bug:

image image

Steps to reproduce:

  • Click the ‘Configure Group’ tab
  • Click the ‘Members’ tab
  • Click on a member’s rank and try to re-rank them at different page sizes (100%, 50%, 20%)

This is still occurring. For some reason, a scroll bar does not even appear for me. The only way to rank people is by making the page smaller.

Before zooming out:

After zooming out:

Thanks for the report! We are working on a fix.