Gui resizing? What's the best way?

Um, so I don’t know if this is the right category-- Art design support mentions UI design? But if it’s not in the right one, then just tell me and I’ll move it. I think this is right, anyhow.

So my question is how can I efficiently create GUIs sized correctly for multiple devices? Resizing is always an issue especially from computer/phone. I’ve been wondering what is the best way to handle those?

I’ve heard of a few solutions, but I don’t know which one would be the best. I have multiple guis including a start menu, clothes menu, a few other menus for settings, and a bunch of tabs down the side.( I would put in pictures of these guis for you but there would be too many of them/I don’t think they’d be useful.) Since I have so many guis and am looking to hopefully be able to play on mobile as well, I’m wary of introducing too many scripts, and thus lag.

One solution I’ve heard of is to make different guis for each and hide/unhide them using a code to find the device. Another is to just use that code to reposition what I already have, and the third is to try some form of UIListLayout, UiScale, etc., but I’m a newbie with those.

Any help’s appreciated

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Use scale, not offset when scaling.


Also do you know any way to keep the position centered?

sorry I mistaken that you were scripting not focusing on the GUI design itself, you are in the right category, I would use code to re-position and scale the GUI like what @Fondatix has said, making multiple GUI’s is a big mess, and the Ui stuff can get complicated, at least for me. Also using the scale feature should position it in the right spot for you.

Using scale will keep it in the exact same position for all devices. You could also use this plugin to convert offset to scale.

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Ah, thanks for the honesty, i was worried when you said that.
aaaand no kidding gui is very complicated


You will find pretty much everything you need to know to get started, here. UI Design Starter Guide