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I wanna make a GUI like this and I am very confused can somebody help me please. image


This is a matter of emulating Roblox’s top bar. You can do this by using a Frame whose Size property extends -36 pixels beyond above the typical GUI area. I was able to recreate this effect by doing the following:

  1. Add a ScreenGui with a Frame whose Size property is, 0, 0, 36). (Later, you may want to set its BackgroundTransparency to 1, but keep it visible until you’re ready)
  2. Add a LocalScript to this Frame which switches its AnchorPoint to (0, 1). At runtime, this makes Frame’s Size to go bottom-up instead of top-down. Here’s the code:
script.Parent.AnchorPoint =, 1)
  1. Add a UIPadding to the Frame whose PaddingLeft is (0, 100). This is approximately the number of pixels you need to shift to the right so you avoid putting anything under the Roblox button and the Chat button.
  2. Add stuff to your faux-topbar as you see fit (add a UIListLayout and some ImageButton/TextButton, etc).


Of course, you’ll need to fiddle with the layout and appearance yourself, but this is Roblox. Get creative :slight_smile:

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Alright Thank You! I’ll try this right now

One Question How Are the core guis visible are you in a game?

I’m running this in Studio. Perhaps you should just take a look at this example:

FauxTopbar.rbxl (56.3 KB)

Ok Thank you so much have a great day

Let me introduce you to TopBar+.

Bon Appetit!


Thank you and ozzy you guys are so amazing

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