GUI tween thing help

Hey! Does anyone know how he made this? I was thinking it was tweening but I dont believe it is.

I’m not exactly sure what in that clip you are referring to. If you are asking about those prompts, they look like the new “Proximity Prompts” beta feature announced a few days ago.

Im refering to the 0:05 the circle meter incrreasing, and 0:06 the guis popping up like that

Yes, I believe that is TweenService. I think the person just tweened the size to become large or the size they intended it to be.

how did he make the circle progress bar though?

What @ExcessEnergy said, thats a proximity prompt.

Ohhhhh ok, what about 0:06 the gui menu?

It’s still a proximity prompt, you can customize it however you desire. That’s actually the default one that they’re using. It comes with the beta program features. For more information, watch this video and search it up on the DevForums or Wiki.

I mean the GUI menu tween thing after it was activated.

Oh, sorry! That’s TweenService, you can pretty much do it with one line! For more information, reply to this post.

Oh, I know what that is. Is that just a really advanced tween with changes to the visible property aswell?

I wouldn’t call it really advanced, but it’s quite nice.

Here’s an example:

local Proximity_Prompt = script.Parent --I'm assuming that your script is a child of the Proximity Prompt.
local TweenService = game:GetService("TweenService")
local myUI = game.StarterGUI.ScreenGUI.UI --Define your UI variable

   myUI:TweenSizeandPosition(,) --Customize this for each UI.

Edit: As TweenSizeandPosition is quite hard to understand at times, you could use this source for help, that is if you need help, of course!