GUI Won't Scale Properly [Still need help]

Hi, this isn’t scaling properly. I’ve tried 2 plugins, but they both don’t work. This is what it looks like using the plugins. I’ve been stuck on this for 2 days and still can’t solve the problem.



It seems as if on a smaller screen, it does not fit properly. Have you tried scaling the buttons according to the scale of the scrolling frame’s size? I think that should fix it for the buttons. Tell me if this helps.

I used I UIGridLayout to scale them, does that make a difference?

So, did you use this tutorial:

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I personally wouldn’t use a UI Grid Layout when dealing with scrolling frames, but I’d definitely recommend using scales for the cell sizes in the UI Grid Layout, especially on the X values.

You’re not using offset for the size/position for any of the UIs right? If you are, convert the the size/position from offset to scale.

This should help look up more tutorials on YT and DevForum for more next time.

I checked and the offset was set to 0.

All of the offsets are set to 0, I’m using scale.

So you would place the different text buttons by hand?

I already tried that plugin, and it doesn’t seem to help.

Feel free to see the documentation for UI Grid Layouts.

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So I got it to work pretty well, but the border stays the same size, so it looks really thick compared to how small the boxes are. How do I fix it?

Is the border custom, or is just using the built-in border feature of UI objects?

Built-in charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr