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Tossing this out there:

Since Heroku doesn’t save files (including the cookie the file noblox.js requires after initial cookie expires), I find myself using more. Glitch provides free hosting with an included IDE (no more Git committing and pushing!) although Glitch does say that under no activity for 5 minutes the project will go to sleep until it receives another HTTP request again. It also has to shutdown once every 12 hours, although I find that the shutdown is usually towards less peak times on my group. Other than that, Glitch basically provides as a second (probably downgraded) version of Heroku but hey, what works works :slight_smile:

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Since the last login verification update you cannot login into Roblox with a bot. You can get around this if you manually update your roblox security cookie. This cookie will change frequently if you use your main account that’s why its recommended to have a bot roblox account that will have no frequent cookie change or maybe never.
I am running some services that highly depends on bots with my very own api which broke after the update.
I am currently working on a solution, whenever your cookie expires the bot will message you a captcha on a selected app or a website, then you can simply solve it within seconds thus the bot will continue its work.

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or you host the way I host Discord bots,

I basically just bought a laptop/computer with decent RAM and CPU power to host Discord bots,
it costed me around like 300$, so It is an initial investment, and the montly power usage, which is pretty low, so I recommend hosting bots on spare/old laptops, (DO NOT HOST DISCORD BOTS ON RASPBERRY PI’s,)

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How would I deploy heroku to Trello?



Hm, I feel like that’s more of a waste of money.
You can rent a server at Linode ( referral link ), for just $5 / mo.

In return you get 1 GB RAM, 1000 Mb/s, 25 GB SSD, 1 TB Transfer (out & in). You also don’t have to worry if your laptop starts burning or about maintenance. Basically the only maintenance you need to do is to do
sudo apt-get install update every once in a while.

The only “con” with this is that you have to secure your server, and that can take a few minutes. But in the end, it’s worth it. I host 5 bots and 2 sites on it, with no problems, and I am on the lowest tier.

If we were to compare the laptop for ~$300 and the server that costs $5/mo, you can already tell that you get a lot for little. $5/mo up to $300 in total: 60 months and 5 years.

We all have different views on the case, though.



yeah, that is worth it, but as the person I am, I dont like subscriptions :roll_eyes:, so I just invested in a laptop.

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If you are a student, you can create a GitHub account as sign up for the student developer pack which includes $50 DigitalOcean credit for new users, it will enable you to get 10 months for free with the $5 droplet which includes a ubuntu virtual machine you can connect to where you can use git to pull your repository to, or you can simply upload your files to it by using an FTP such as WinSCP. DigitalOcean doesn’t experience the issues at Heroku faces with not saving files. I currently use DigitalOcean for my own hosting and my cookies don’t expire until they expire naturally.



Plus I have a tutorial that covers setting up git and auto deployment to digital ocean.

I use my own tutorial when starting a new project.

I may add a section to setup a MySQl server.



In my opinion it was a good Tutorial. :wink:

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oh, could you make a tutorial on how to setup a MongoDB on a raspberry pi?



My only recommendation tbh is implementing a barebones setup for keeping the application alive(there’s a few barbones js apps out there), but just a suggestion. Loving the tutorial my man!



I mean, you can always get a raspberry pi and set up some kind of node.js server.



yeah, I was more of focusing for the people who doesn’t know how to setup a database on a raspberry pi,
and I already have a MongoDB on my raspberry pi



ah, okay.



I used glitch for this and I’m wondering, for the require part would I replace the herokuapp part with the glitch url instead? I currently have this…

local bot = require(script.BotServer)(

but when I try to use .setRank(), it gives me a 405 error



I’d have to look into how their web hosting works for API’s. Currently it’s no issue if it’s just only a bot but I’m not sure it’s usable for web hosting so you might be out of luck there.

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I have been using glitch for the past few days to run express + MongoDB and have been sending HTTP requests. It works perfectly fine with no issues.



what url do you send it to



For example if my endpoints for shouting to a group are set up as /api/groupShout/, I’ll send the request to

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okay I redid the glitch server because I did the express server instead of the sqlite one, and now it’s showing this error “{“error”:“Server configuration error: You are not logged in.”}”

Wait, you posted this and told me to use the noblox.js-server, but am I supposed to add noblox.js somehow?