Guide to Scripting Bots | Javascript Tutorial | FunCaptcha and New Host Info



Woah… Neat organization there!
This is a cool way to learn this stuff.


Anymore Updates coming soon?




At least change the title to reflect the update schedule because people are gonna think January next year lol


That’s true.


I was going to make a Discord-Roblox shout bot tutorial, but me and Tech talked and we decided he can just continue it on this thread. Would you guys like that?

(e.g !shout [message])

  • Make a Discord-Roblox shout command tutorial
  • dont

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That would be great.


Since I’m broke, I can’t pay to host any of my bots that I’ve made. Does anyone know of some free hosting platforms to host Discord bots on?


Guess I’m doing the tutorial then.

@joritochip Use Heroku, I’m pretty sure a small intro on it is outlined above.


Heroku is a free hosting platform where you get 400 hours free monthly; however if you verify your account with a credit card you get 1000 hours. Therefore if you only need to run one app it’s virtually free to run 24/7 all month long.


intense waiting for new update…


They are working on it.


You guys may have to wait until I’m free this collect semester; I’m busy with that and working for some clans on their databases. However the discord bot uses the new format like in my tutorial so I will be sharing how I wrote some commands for them.




Btw roblox-js is basically deprecated. It became unorganized as it got larger and I haven’t had any time to work on it recently. If I were to continue I would start from scratch with another module. Use roblox-js at your own risk! If anyone wants to take over feel free to fork it.


Sometimes it feels as though set rank just isnt working for some people sometimes. Especially trying use it on my server it just wasnt having it. It is a very bloated module so Id also like to see if anyone would pick it up.


It is unusual for something to work sometimes and not others. Make sure there is an interval logging into the account daily (so the cookie does not expire) and that inputs are correct. Roblox-js is intended to be a pretty low-level interface so logging in and verifying inputs is expected to be done by the user.


I haven’t experienced any problems with it so far.
(only that one time that I forgot to change the bot account’s permissions in the group :sweat_smile:)


I promise I’ll deliver on the Discord-Roblox shouting utility, I just haven’t had time yet. Hopefully I can write it up this weekend.



Discord Integration: A guide on using Discord through Roblox [UPDATED]