Gun Bullet Hole Vector3


I am working on guns, which i have 99% done. However, i only want my bullet holes to randomly go left, right, up and down due to accuracy, so it isn’t spot on all the time. I have achieved this, however the holes do this:

I only want them to translate based on where the character shot at, instead of coming towards them. thanks!

Assuming you are using Ray’s, just randomly tweak the “Directional Vector” a tiny bit, so that it shoots with a small amount of bloom.
Here is a post including some sample code:

Using this method offsets the direction the Ray casts at, so you don’t have to worry about randomizing the hit position afterward.

To prevent stacking, you will also need to insert the previous bullet holes into the IgnoreList of the Ray, as a table.

You will need to add every bullethole to your gun’s raycast ignore list.

I thought it was that too, but that isn’t it, its moving randomly on every axis, while i only want it to move based on where im shooting. I dont want it to come towards me, only stay on the wall.

This is why you change the Direction of the Raycast, instead of the end point. See my post above

Yea, thats what i wanted to do but i’m not sure how. Do you have a discord i could talk to you more about it?

How are you generating the bullet holes?

I direct messaged you my discord information.

Are you create a part and adding a decal? Make sure the part is as flat as possible, it looks like a cube, that another cube spawns on.

your bullets must be adding a random number to its position in an Axis, try with some cross products and normal vectors