Hair doesn't display in viewport

Hair doesn’t display in viewport, is there a reason why?


Even though


and when i paste the model into workspace


Does anyone know why?

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It’s probably not being correctly stored inside the “HumanoidDescription” instance, how are you applying the hat? If you’re just parenting it to the character then that won’t work.

the hat is an accessory and in the picture i posted it loads clearly fine when the dummy is in workspace

The reason this happens is because Viewports do not replicate the same way that the workspace does.

You can actually solve this in one of two ways:

1.) Add a WorldModel instance to your Viewport so that it replicates properly
2.) Manually attatch your Accessories by calculating the CFrames needed.

If you choose to go with Option 2, you can use this post in order to get the CFrame math that’s needed for your accessories.

Hope this helps! :wink:

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Just because you added an accessory to the NPC doesn’t mean it has been loaded into its HumanoidDescription.

I mean in the past for other viewports hairs showed when accessories were in the dummy, idk why this one doesn’t work though

thank you, regarding option 1, do i just insert a worldmodel under the viewport?

if the accesorries are mesh parts, make sure it is welded to the characters head

You have to add the WorldModel under your viewport and THEN parent all your Models/Accessories/Parts/etc. under it.

Hope this helps!

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