Hariko Public Handbook


Hariko is among the few Restaurants who wish to create a new breakthrough in ROBLOX restaurants. We aim to create a positive and drama free community, all while giving their guests the most promising service we can offer.

To ensure that your time with Hakiro is as enjoyable as possible, our handbook includes all of the crucial information that both customers and employees will need to know.

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| RESPECT You are required to respect other individuals in this server whilst interacting within the community, respect people the same way you want to be respected.

| NSFW Posting content (images/messages/ voice call) that pertains to pornography, profanity, and other explicit content is strictly prohibited and shall result into a banishment without no courtesy as your punishment.

| ONLINE SAFETY Cyber-bullying, leaking personal information, threatening, blackmailing, account theft, promoting suicide is against the Roblox/Discord Terms of Service and it is against the law. If caught, you will be under investigation, reported to the platform you committed this behavior on, and forwarded to Federal Investigation (government) with sufficient evidence.

| PLAGIARISM Leaking assets that are rightfully owned by Hakiro is against the Roblox Terms of Service; and your account shall be reported for deletion + blacklist from Hakiro. Our property is DMCA protected, and we will file a claim if so. However, in cases of leaking documentation/handbooks/copying graphics/group name will result into a permanent blacklist.

| ADVERTISING Advertising/promoting in Hakiro premises via. Discord Messages, is NOT permitted, therefore, it’ll immediately have you banned. The only exception is if it comes from our allies.

| COMMON SENSE We request community members to use common sense, if a rule isn’t stated, and you know it shouldn’t be done- then, DON’T do it.

| IMPERSONATION Impersonating other individuals is not tolerated. You will be either put under investigation or banned as your consequence.

| LOOPHOLES / CB Attempting to get around your original banishment will result in no appeal at all. Your sanction will remain permanent.

Affiliate Information

Hakiro is always looking for partners to collaborate with. Please review our alliance requirements if you’re interested in partnering up with Hakiro. Prior to moving on to the next stage, confirm that you meet all of our requirements.

Please create a ticket in the channel #support and wait until one of our staff members answers your request. Please have all the questions filled out before you open the ticket. Your group must follow alliance requirements.

Recipe Guide

:memo: This manual was written so that, before beginning work, you would be familiar with how to use our kitchen. When preparing foods and beverages, this can be used.


HONEYDEW Boba Cup + Ice + Honeydew + Blender
TARO Boba Cup + Milk + Taro + Blender
MANGO Boba Cup + Ice + Mango + Blender
STRAWBERRY Boba Cup + Milk + Strawberry + Blender
PINEAPPLE Boba Cup + Ice + Pineapple + Blender

The boxes in the back are where you’ll find the Boba Cups.

FOOD Uncooked item + Stove = Cooking… = Item

You are to use same food guide for all the food items.

Session Schedule


At Hakiro, we hold numerous training sessions throughout the day to help our lower-ranking employees advance in their positions. Don’t worry if you happen to miss one of our hosted sessions because there will be plenty more for you to attend throughout the day. You must attend an application session at the application center in order to become a trainee and then advance in rank before you can attend our training session. Training sessions may also be cancelled on holidays such as; Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, and more. A message will be sent in our discord server when a session is cancelled.

:blue_book: TRAINING TIMES


(unscheduled times)

Code of Conduct

:page_facing_up: CODE OF CONDUCT
It is mandatory to follow everything listed in the Code of Conduct. Not following the regulations will result in an immediate consequence from your respected role.

Trolling or disturbing others at the restaurant is not permitted and immediate consequences will be given.

Exploiting is not permitted. Whenever you see an exploiter make sure to report them so we can give immediate consequences.

Inappropriate clothing is not allowed. Once caught by a management member, you will receive one minute to change but if your refused to you will be temporarily banned from our server.

Inappropriate usernames are not allowed, if you’re caught by a management member you will be automatically permanent banned from our server.

Spamming is never allowed in our facility. If you are caught by a management member you will be temporarily banned from our server.

Any form of advertising, whether that be your Youtube channel, communication server, Roblox group etc, is not allowed and will lead to you being temporarily banned.

Being homophobic or racist is never permitted in our facilities, and if you are caught, you will receive a permanent ban.


Grammar is encouraged but not required at our facilities. Your sentences must all be comprehensible.

You’ll be granted a utility bar with hand-to-hand offering and warning others options. Clicking “H” on your computer will cause the utility bar to appear, which you must see. You will be immediately fired if you are seen abusing the utility bar.

You will be provided a uniform as soon as you enter the kitchen or the area behind the registers. If it’s glitched, kindly inform a management member so they can provide you a uniform by using the !uniform [user] command.

You must remain professional at all times in order to keep your role. If you discontinue being professional you will receive an immediate demotion.

Rank Information

Everyone who joins the Hakiro group is assigned to this rank. Users who play the game and place orders with our staff are referred to as Valued Customers. This role plays a significant part in our community. Without this rank, our group would not be where it is today.

Customers who have made a significant contribution to Hakiro or who are a well-known user in the community are considered Noted Customers. Former High Ranks who have made significant contributions to the group, as well as important figures in our community, are usually given this rank. This is a rank that you cannot be promoted to or apply for.

Those who pass the application quiz receive this role. This role gives the specified user permission to join the Training Center and train for a staff role. To receive this role, you must be a member of the Hakiro group and pass the Application Center quiz. Trainees must prepare for their next position, which is Junior Server.

Those who complete their first training session are assigned this role. The responsibility of this role is to serve customers and take orders for visitors, guests, and anyone ordering food. If the Junior Server would like to rank up to Server, they must attend another training.

Those who complete their second training are given this role. The Server’s responsibilities are serving customers and taking orders for visitors, guests, and anyone ordering food. If the Server would like to rank up to Cook, they must attend another training.

Those who complete their third training receive this role. A cook’s responsibilities are gathering orders from the Servers and preparing the order for the Servers to bring back to the customer, visitor, or guest. If the Cook would like to rank up to Experienced Cook, they must attend another training session.

An Experienced cook gains their role by attending their fourth training. An experienced cook is one training away from the highest rank of LR’s. Their job is to gather, cook, and prepare orders for visitors, guests, and customers. If the Experienced Cook would like to rank up once more, they must attend a few shifts to get noticed by an MR+, and get promoted to Shift Leader.

You’ve done it all as a Shift Leader. You are eligible to apply for Management Assistant every first of the month, and you can be a role model to newly hired employees who are still learning. Shift Leaders do not have direct authority over other ranks, but they can answer questions and continue to work as before. If you are recognized for your hard work, you may be offered a promotion to Intern Staff.

Intern Staff is the first step in joining our team. As an intern, you’ll be learning the basics of being a member of our upper management team as well as a role model for our players. As an Intern Staff, you will learn a lot of new things and assist other staff members with their responsibilities. If it is determined that you are a good candidate for the staff team, you may be promoted to Management Assistant if you pass your internship.

Users in this rank have earned this position by passing the mentorship as an Intern Staff, and have been promoted by a Human Resources Corporate. At all of our games, Employee Assistants have been given moderator privileges. They are in charge of supervising and managing the cafe, as well as assisting at sessions. This is the first MR rank anyone can ever receive. The maximum capacity of this role is 20.

Supervisors are experienced employees who are now able to make far more achievements. Supervisors are res ponsible for overseeing the game, hosting shifts, and promoting LRs at promotional shifts. The maximum capacity of this role is 16.

Assistant Managers are knowledgeable employees who have shown a high level of dedication, activity, and knowledge of Hakiro. They provide assistance to the entire restaurant staff. Individuals in this rank are held accountable for meeting activity, sessions, and other requirements. The maximum capacity of this role is 16.

Manager is the last role that you can achieve as an MR. This is the last role before someone can become an HR! Managers make sure everything runs smoothly within the restaurant. They will fulfill their duties within the management community. The maximum capacity of this role is 10.

Head of Supervision is the first High Rank role. Users in this rank have been promoted by a Corporate+ after putting in a lot of effort as a Manager. At all of our games, Head of Supervision have been given administrative permissions. Their responsibilities are similar to those of a Manager, although with the exception that they can now assist with events, and report MRs. The maximum capacity of this role is 10.

Board of Directors are familiar with the High Ranking team. Board of Directors will provide assistance to other members and ensure that the group runs smoothly. They also have additional privileges at our games and can mediate difficult situations if necessary. The maximum capacity of this role is 5.

Executive Assistants are the last of the High Rank team. They are senior management, and are qualified to apply for a department if members are needed. Executive Assistants have shown their high quality ability to handle a variety of scenarios, and are first in line for a department. The maximum capacity of this role is 5.

The Corporate Associate is the first Senior High Rank, they are not responsible for supervising as their main obligation is to operate the department that was given to them. Users with this role make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently within the department. The maximum capacity of this role is 3.

Junior Corporates are familiar with their given department, and were promoted by the lead of the department. They have more duties to fulfill as they are experienced with the department. The maximum capacity of this role is 3.

The Senior Corporate is the last Senior High Rank and serves as the department’s assistant head. When a department’s leader resigns, Senior Corporate will step in to fill the duties. The maximum capacity of this role is 1.

Public Relations Directors are head of Relations, and will make sure their given department runs efficiently. They are required to assist department members, and operate all community duties. The maximum capacity of this role is 2.

Human Resources is led by the Director(s) of Management. They are the department’s leaders, and they ensure that the department runs smoothly. They will help the department members with promotions, demotions, operations, and other Human Resource duties. The maximum capacity of this role is 2.

This is an achievable rank that can only be granted by Hakiro’s President. They are in charge of overseeing one department and have a lot of responsibilities. While assisting the President with the group, they have made significant contributions to the group’s current status. The maximum capacity of this role is 2.

The President is the group’s owner and is in charge of all operations. This rank has been designated to, badb1nny. He is the founder of the group, and makes the final decisions. The development team, marketing, finances, staff team, and company growth are all under this role’s control.

We appreciate your interest in Hakiro! We are constantly available to assist you in any way we can! You are urged to get in touch with a member of our HR Team if you have any queries or concerns.

Hakiro Leadership Team