Hat references in scripts no longer viable - backwards compatibility

We do like hearing your gripes as much as well like hearing about what we did right. Well, that’s not entirely true, but if we didn’t take in the bad with the good Studio would never improve. I appreciate that all of you took the time to give us your perspective on adjustments we have made to hats. At the very least, it will help us make more informed decisions when designing hat functionality in the future.

Is there any chance of this being implemented? at least some way for old scripts to still function properly without the needs of edits would be amazing.

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Moving it to the right subcategory should help it get more staff attention if they didn’t look at it yet. (Client Bugs)

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Not likely. ROBLOX has a history of making updates and saying, “nope, you gotta live with it.”

A way to fix it would be turning this part of the class tree:

-> Hat
-> Accessory


-> Accessory

Then both Accessory and Hat would be a Hat, so obj:IsA(“Hat”) would return true for both classes. Hat and Accessory have no additional methods/properties than what Accoutrement provides, so this would be possible.

The downside is of course that this does not lead to a very clean inheritance tree, this is likely the reason why it is the way it is right now. Moreover, Hat will probably be deprecated at some point, then you have a new problem if you adjust the inheritance tree like above.

It already is: