Hats in Blender going invisible when imported

Hello, so I’ve been recently experiencing this problem in Blender when I import my hats where the texture would turn invisible. I know that saving the textures and models individually works, but that takes a lot of time and I wanted to know if there’s any other faster way of fixing it. Here’s a screenshot to let you know whats going on better

Btw, I use MattRBLX’s rig (The Ultimate Rig)

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If you select the accessories individually and navigate to the Shaders tab, you’ll notice that there are two image texture nodes feeding into the material -

Delete the lower one (the one connected to the Alpha channel) and the transparency should disappear

Worked, but now my problem is the texture

well in the materials of the character change blend mode from alpha blend to opaque
that’s how it is for paintrigv3 ;-;